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A team of analysts of Brook front Inc. issues an underperforming rating for an emerging clothing company, Fashion Fabrics. Justine, a member of the team, does not support the recommendation. Based on her own research, she believes that the company is a good long-term investment. In order to comply with Standard V reflect her opinion. She should, however, document her difference of opinion with the team.

A Let her name be included in the report with documentation of her difference of opinion.

According to Standard V (A), members may be part of a group or team that is collectively responsible for producing investment analysis or research. The conclusions or recommendations of the report represent the consensus of the group and are not necessarily the views of the member, even though the name of the member is included in the report. In such a case, if the member is confident in the process, she does not have to dissociate from the report if it does not

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