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Anne Franklin, CFA, who covers technology stocks, joins a conference call for analysts presented by Cynthia Lucas, chief technology officer for LevelTech. Lucas tells the analysts that overseas shipments of the company’s important new product are going to be delayed due to manufacturing defects, which is new information to the analysts. After the meeting Franklin changes her rating on LevelTech from “buy” to “hold” and sends a note to accounts recommending the sale of LevelTech. Franklin:

A violated the Standard on nonpublic information by revising her rating on LevelTech.

Telling a selected group of analysts new information does not constitute public disclosure, and therefore acting or causing others to act on this information is a violation of Standard 11(A) Material Nonpublic Information. Recommending the sale of a stock rated as a “hold” is not a violation of Standard III(B) Fair Dealing.

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