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For every 5.75 liters of green paint, a project requires 2.25 liters of black paint and 3.5 liters of orange paint. If Jasmine finished a project that required 22.25 liters of green paint, how many total liters of paint did she use? (Round all intermediate values and the final answer to the nearest hundredth.)

A 44.50 liters

1212Set up ratios between the green paint volume and the other color volumes:


Using these ratios, proportionalities can be set up that enable the unknown liters of black and orange paint to be found.
; solving for the unknown amount gives 8.7 liters of black paint.
Setting up the proportion for orange: ; solving for the unknown amount gives 13.5 liters of orange paint.
Combining each of the amounts used gives: 22.25 + 8.7 + 13.5 = 44.45 liters of paint.

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