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What is the value of 3.85 + 0.004 + 0.117?

A 3.971

Using the standard algorithm, the sum of the thousandths places (7 + 4) is 11, so a 1 should be recorded in the thousandths place and a 1 carried to the hundredths place. The sum of the hundredths places (5 + 0 + 1 + 1) is 7, the sum of the tenths places is 9, and the sum of the ones places is 3. This results in 3.971. Choice A is incorrect. This results from adding from left to right and recording an 11 as the result of adding the thousandths places. Choice B is incorrect. This results from not carrying the 1 from the thousandths place to the hundredths place. Choice D is incorrect. This is the sum of 3.85, 0.04, and 1.17.

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