accuplacer math study guide

Accuplacer Math Study Guide For 2024

Nothing could be better than knowing exactly what is in the test. In this post, we’ll give you an Accuplacer Math study guide to help you prepare for the exam.

Updated at November 16, 2022

For students to be eligible to enroll in college-level courses, several schools use the Accuplacer examinations. To avoid having to attend remedial or transitional math courses, you’ll want to do as well as you can on the Accuplacer math exam, if you need to take one. You can use several specific study techniques to raise your performance on this exam.

With that in mind, we’ve created this Accuplacer math study guide to help you ace the test. Combine this study guide with our hundreds of free ACCUPLACER practice test questions to help you thoroughly prepare for this exam!

accuplacer math study guide

What is on the Accuplacer math study guide?

The same organization that annually develops the SAT exam created the ACCUPLACER math test. You’ll discover that it’s a totally different kind of test, though. One benefit is that the exam is not timed, allowing you to move through it more comfortably.

Additionally, because the exam is computer-adaptive, the difficulty of each question will change as you respond to questions. Getting one right makes the following question easier. If you get one incorrect, the following one is simpler.

As you go along, this adapts the questions to your level of expertise and the quantity and difficulty of the questions you properly answer determine your ultimate score. Among the math concepts tested in the exam are:

Fundamental Arithmetic:

  • Whole numbers and fractions
  • Decimals and percents
  • Applications and problem solving

Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS):

  • Rational numbers, ratio and proportional relationships, and exponents
  • Algebraic expressions, linear equations and applications, inequalities, and graphs
  • Descriptive statistics, geometry concepts, and probability sets

Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF):

  • Linear equations, linear applications as well as graphs, and factoring
  • Quadratics, radical & rational equations, and functions
  • Polynomial equations, exponential & logarithmic equations, and trigonometry

Students entering colleges take the math Accuplacer Test as part of the admissions process. Since the Accuplacer is a tool for determining proper placement in college math courses, a person does not really pass or fail the test.

A student may see on the Accuplacer math test, for instance, if they can enroll in college-level math courses or if they need to take developmental math courses.

Despite the fact that the Accuplacer math test is not a pass-or-fail exam, it is advantageous to have a score that places a student in college-level arithmetic because developmental courses could be more time- and money-consuming to finish.

Tips to Pass Accuplacer math study guide

Tip 1: Know the test

Three math topics are covered in various ways on the Math Accuplacer test.

The 17-question math exam assesses problem-solving and fundamental arithmetic processes. 

There are 12 problems in elementary algebra, and they cover operations with integers, rational numbers, algebraic expressions, and equation solving.

The 20 questions on the test’s college-level mathematics section span intermediate algebra through precalculus. The same arithmetic is covered in other parts in sentence-problem format.

accuplacer math study guide

Tip 2: Use Reliable Study Resources

To improve your Accuplacer math study process, you may use various tools.

Online Accuplacer Practice Questions

For both the traditional and next-generation math Accuplacer exams, practice questions are available on the Accuplacer website. To become accustomed to the vocabulary and question forms you will see on the test, use these practice questions. These practice questions can also gauge your understanding of the material you’ll be assessed on.

Accuplacer study app

Students may take comprehensive practice exams that are identical to the ones they will face on exam day using our Accuplacer study app. Most devices have access to this resource, which gives users a preview of their Accuplacer test.

Tip 3: Ask for assistance

Some people do better while others are encouraging them. Joining a study group or pairing up with a study partner will help you remain on task and ensure that you are consistently studying content for the Accuplacer math examinations.

Even if you don’t have study partners, you might be able to locate someone to check in with you and provide you with motivation to avoid skipping study sessions.

Tip 4: Plan out your study time

Do not undervalue the time required to study for your Accuplacer exams. Make sure to set aside periods of time to review the content so that, before the test, you have covered all that will be covered.

Tip 5: Answer all test questions

Make sure to complete the entire exam because there are no penalties for incorrect responses. If you’re unsure, make the best estimate you can; at the very least, this will offer you an opportunity to get points.


So here comes our Accuplacer Math study guide! We hope you will find this study guide helpful for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this post!