MBLEX: General Information And Required Policies in 2024

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Updated at April 26, 2022

The Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination is known as the MBLEx (sometimes spelled MBLEX or Mblex). Massage therapists must pass a rigorous examination to practice their trade. The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) controls the administration of massage therapy practices in the United States and administers the MBLEx. Due to its nationwide administration by the FSMTB, the MBLEx is now required for licensure in all but one of the states, particularly Florida.

The MBLEx is sometimes completely misrepresented as being impossible to implement attributed to its prominence in the massage therapy industry throughout the country. The MBLEx only assesses topics that you would have previously learned in your massage therapy curriculum, so take that into consideration while performing the test.

Let’s get started with our free MBLEx practice test to pass the actual exam with a high score on the first try.

What is Covered by the MBLEx?


There are 100 computer-adaptive questions in the MBLEx. Each time you properly answer a question, the difficulty of the next question arises. When a question is answered wrong, the process repeats itself until the proper answer is found. Remember that the exam is tailored to your needs, so answer each question to the best of your abilities. Topic categories, prospective subjects, and section weights are listed below:

Anatomy and physiology0.11System structure, system function, tissue damage and healing, and kinetic anatomical concepts
Kinesiology0.12Components and features of muscles, muscular contractions, proprioception, muscle actions, and attachments, joint function and range of motion
Pathology, areas of caution, contraindications, special populations0.14An overview of diseases, contraindications, warning signs, particular populations, and drug categories
Benefits, physiological effects of soft tissue manipulation techniques0.15A review of the many types of massage, their impact on the body's physiology, the psychological consequences, and the advantages of being touched
Patients' assessments and treatment plans0.17Massage session planning, conversation with the client, documentation of findings, range of motion testing, clinical reasoning, treatment objectives creation, and implementation of treatment strategies all fall under this category.
Limits, ethics, laws, and rules0.16Ethical behavior, professional boundaries, therapeutic connection, dual relationships, sexual misconduct, rules and regulations, scope of practice, communication, confidentiality, and principles are some of the topics covered in this course.
Professional practice guidelines0.15Use of equipment in a safe manner, cleanliness and sanitation, safety, therapist care, and drapery are all important, as are commercial practices and language related to healthcare and business.

Who Administers the MBLEx?

The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, or FSMTB, oversees the MBLEx. The Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) gathered with leaders in the massage business from more than two hundred states in 2005, and that’s when the FSMTB was born. The goal of the FSMTB was to develop a common licensing test that could be utilized throughout the US. We wanted to create an exam that would test a practitioner’s knowledge of all that is necessary for successful massage treatment. As a result, state licensing boards would be able to match their standards for accreditation with a recognized, rigorous curriculum for massage therapists throughout the United States.

For the purpose of becoming an officially licensed massage therapist in the overwhelming majority of states of the USA, it is required for you to successfully pass the MBLEx exam and demonstrate that you have a solid foundation in massage theory and practice. In the past, each state’s testing criteria were highly variable. Now, the knowledge that massage therapists are supposed to have prior to commencing their profession is generally consistent throughout the country.

How are the MBLEx Questions Built?

The algorithm below is used to produce questions for the majority of US tests. One of such exams is the MBLEx. You’ll be able to use your knowledge base to its fullest provided you anticipate what kinds of inquiries to expect. When a test taker is aware of how questions are framed, it makes the memory process easier and increases their sense of self-assurance. Practice exams are a great way to put what you’ve learned into practice. It will lessen experiment anxiety and help students better comprehend and better prepare for tests.

To have a better grasp of a question’s content, first assess your own knowledge. During your study and memorizing, what are you able to recall or recall from your memory? Have you written notes, drawn diagrams, or imparted your knowledge to others? What inquiries did you just ask about how this material relates to becoming a massage therapist, such as “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?”

Afterward, it’s a good idea to have a look at your comprehension. What do you think of the topic matter in general? Does this understanding apply to any other situations, muscles, or pathologies? You must be able to articulate in your own words what you know about a subject and how it relates to other subjects.

It is time to put everything you’ve learned into practice. Using observation, interpretation, and practice, can you show a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding? Do you have the skills and knowledge necessary to make sound decisions based on facts, concepts, and regulations? What is the significance of this data? Is there anything more that can be drawn from these findings? Other areas of concern may be linked to this condition, as well.

You are ready to Analyze after you have made new connections within your knowledge base and have put those connections into practice. In what ways are your results similar or different from what you already know? Do you see anything that may be described as a pattern? What if you were able to split it down into smaller pieces and categorize or identify each one? Is it possible to separate and identify the various portions of the results? Are the test findings in line with the analyses of ROM and PA? The pathology’s onset is thought to be triggered by certain muscles.

You’re ready to Synthesize your knowledge now that you’ve mastered Analyzing, Applying, and Understanding it. How can you make your homework plan more effective by making adjustments to it? Your next massage might benefit from the addition of a new technique or modality. How frequently and when would you want your customer to return? In order to plan and prepare for future messages, do you maintain up-to-date charts? How well-versed are you in making appropriate referrals to other medical professionals?

In order to complete these processes of learning, you must now evaluate what you have learned. How much information do you have that you can use to make an informed treatment decision? Is it possible to give therapy a higher priority in order to maximize the client’s benefit? How would you determine what to do next? When interviewing your clients, are you obtaining enough information? What questions are you asking in order to receive the most detailed responses? How confident can you be in the efficacy of your treatment? What can you do better in the future? What’s the point of consciousness?


This is how an MBLEx question is put together. When writing a question, it’s important to know how to structure it. As a result, you’ll have a better understanding of how each question was formulated.

What is the pass rate for the MBLEx?

The MBLEx pass rate is an essential consideration when selecting a massage school. The MBLEx pass rate measures the proportion of students who succeed on their first attempt at the MBLEx. Because passing the MBLEx is a requirement for licensure in Florida and other jurisdictions, we stress the importance of selecting a massage institution or course with a good MBLEx passing rate.

The school’s MBLEx pass rate is a good indicator of the quality of its instruction. The greater the graduation rate, the better the quality of a school’s instruction. Choose a school with a minimum passing rate of 70% for the MBLex. As long as at least 70% of students pass their exams on their first try, it’s safe to say that a school’s curriculum has high standards. This means that before enrolling in a massage therapy program, be sure to find out what the most current pass rate is for the MBLEx. In case you’re curious, the first-time test taker pass rate at Acupuncture and Massage College is an average of 80%. 

Differences Between the MBLEx and National Board Certification?

Whether you’re just starting out in the massage industry or have been practicing for years, this is a typical question. As a massage therapist, you may already know that there are several organizations, boards, certificates, and examinations accessible for those who want to practice their profession. National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (which is popularly known as NCBTMB for short) is the second biggest organization in the US.

The NCBTMB has been in existence for a longer period of time than the FSMTB. It was founded by a group of massage therapists in the US in 1992. The National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB) was formed as a result of the NCBTMB’s founding in 2001. In several places in the United States, passing this exam was essential to licensure. However, the exam was abolished in 2014. The NCBTMB Board Certification Exam was developed in its stead as a replacement for it.

Much like the MBLEx exam, the NCBTMB National Certification Exam functioned as a benchmark for evaluating the skill of massage therapists. As the MBLEx test became more widely used by state massage therapy boards, the NCBTMB realized that its certification exam might be used for different purposes. The MBLEx would have remained the same, but instead, they opted to take a new approach.

Massage therapists who want to stand out from the crowd may now take the NCBTMB Board Certification Exam. Based on the MBLEx exam’s core content (and the foundations included in the original NCBTMB National Certification Exam), this exam allows massage therapists to demonstrate their proficiency in various massage methods. It is possible for massage therapists to distinguish themselves from their peers by passing the NCBTMB Board Certification Exam, which serves as an extra certification (such as having passed the MBLEx and achieved state licensure).

For the purpose of becoming a licensed massage therapist in the great majority of US states, you’ll need to pass the MBLEx exam. The NCBTMB Board Certification Exam is an option after completing the MBLEx and getting a license. The NCBTMB Board Certification means that you’ll stand out from other massage therapists who don’t have this certification. Nonsensical: This qualification is not required in any manner. Only passing the MBLEx test is required for licensing in most states. This year’s results from the 2017 Job Task Analysis Survey prompted a review and change of MBLEx’s content. As of 2018, the test will reflect improvements recommended by the professions.

How do I get MBLEx?

On a daily basis throughout the whole year, the MBLEx is given out at various test centers all around the US.  To enroll for an assessment, utilize the Authorization to Test (ATT) information you’ll receive via emails after you’ve been accepted to take the test. Please click on the Locate Test Center icon to discover your local testing location.

This test has 100 multiple-choice questions, and participants have 2 hours in total. A confidentiality commitment takes up five minutes of this time, while a quick survey takes up the remaining 5 minutes. If the MBLEx isn’t finished in the specified time, it will fail automatically, and no troubleshooting report will be produced. The security rules of the FSMTB should be familiar to you. 

Even if Mother Nature has other plans, the FSMTB is devoted to giving you a great assessment encounter. If you have an appointment to take the MBLEx at a testing facility that is closed due to hazardous weather or environmental circumstances, you will be contacted and given the option of rescheduling.

In the event that the test facility remains open, you will be required to attend your appointment as planned. For a $20 charge, you may choose to reschedule your appointment if you do so at least 3 days before your original appointment. All payments will be lost for any other unplanned absences.

FSMTB Massage Education Policy

Applicants wishing to take the MBLEx after July 1st, 2017, must provide proof of:

  • Registration and completion of an accredited massage therapy education curriculum in all academic subjects of the MBLEx Knowledge Structure.
  • Obtaining a certificate of completion from a recognized massage therapist training session

The FSMTB requires proof of argumentation from the education program. According to the state board or organization in charge of massage therapy regulation, an approved massage therapy education curriculum is one that has been given their seal of approval.

However, if an education program isn’t approved by the massage therapy board or agency and is instead recognized by a similar state organization, this will be used as an alternative. The approval or recognition of the massage therapy board/agency shall prevail in the case of a controversy between the state board/agency and the department of education.

FSMTB will have to provide its permission in case the state’s massage therapy board or even the state’s massage therapy agency is unable to approve or recognize a training program or if the state department of education or similar entity does not approve or recognize it in that state. The Deputy Executive Director of Programs and Services, Kevin Snedden, may be reached at [email protected] if you need more assistance.

How to Study for the MBLEx Test

The MBLEx test, which covers a wide variety of topics, is taken by aspiring massage therapists. Preparation for the MBLEx should be methodical due to the breadth of the material and the fact that it is a nationally recognized test. Doing your best is all that matters if you invest enough time studying for the test. Even if you put in the time and effort, studying the wrong way won’t get you ready for the test.

You should keep in mind that studying for standardized tests is different from studying for other kinds of tests. Just studying the material for the test isn’t enough to guarantee a good grade. To be successful on a standardized test, one must not only be familiar with the material being tested but must also be familiar with test-taking techniques. The best way to prepare for a standardized test like the MBLEx is to take as many practice examinations as possible.

Keep in mind that you should only take practice examinations that are relevant to your course of study. Your MBLEx test preparation must reflect the actual MBLEx exam questions you will face. Only so much time can you devote to studying for the exam in a day. If you utilize outdated, erroneous, or significantly different study materials than those used for the test, your time preparing for the exam will be in vain. Then you’ll be at a disadvantage when it comes time to sit for the test.

Simply said, it is required for you to carefully prepare for your exams by thoroughly studying the material. It’s a great idea to plan ahead this way. Taking practice exams is the quickest and most effective way to be ready for the actual exam. Recall that the MBLEx is an objective test, which means that the questions and answers will be presented in a predetermined order. If you’ve prepared for the test and are familiar with its format, passing it will be a piece of cake and vice versa.



How can I send my MBLEx score to a completely new location in case I’m moving?

Fill out the MBLEx Report Transfer Form and give it to a licensing board or agency to have your exam results sent to them (RTF). To use the MBLEx Result Transfer form, you must first login onto your FSMTB Examination Account. Create a login if you don’t already have one if you want to use the site. Complete the online form and make payment after you’ve logged in. In addition to the RTF, you may download a paper copy here.

Does the MBLEx require that I present documents from my university or other external sources to take the exam?

MBLEx candidates must seek and guarantee that their massage therapy education program verifies their education directly with the Education Verification Center of the FSMTB (EVC). Applications for MBLEx are not complete until education verification has been made.

How much does it cost to sit for the MBLEx?

Upon submission of the application, your $265 application fee will be processed.

Will I be informed of my acceptance into the MBLEx program?

An Authorization to Test will be sent to you via email by the FSMTB (ATT). Please take a close look and get in touch with FSMTB as soon as possible if any changes need to be made to the names listed. In your ATT, Pearson VUE provides information on how to book your test date.

What if I need to reschedule or relocate my test?

On the PearsonVue website or through the Customer Service Call Center, you may modify your test date (888.790.4892). For this service, there is a $20 cost. Changing your appointment fewer than three working days before your scheduled appointment is not permitted.

Do you know how long the test is for?

There is a two-hour window allotted for candidates to sit for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (120 minutes). For a 100-item multiple-choice test on a computer, the applicant will be given 110 minutes to complete it. The security and confidentiality agreement and a short survey both have a five-minute time limit.

The MBLEx is available in which languages?

The MBLEx is available in both English and Spanish. ” The MBLEx program will allow you to choose your preferred language for the test. If you took the exam in English, you can’t take it again in Spanish if you want. If you took the exam in Spanish, you may have to retake it in English in order to fulfill state board criteria.

What kind of identification must I bring with me to the testing facility?

2 kinds of identification are required for testing; the main form of ID must have a picture and signature and must not be expired; the second form of ID must be valid. Additionally, the secondary form of identification must include a signed signature and can’t be expired or temporary; an image may be included, but it’s not required. In order to test, you’ll need to show the Authorization to Test (ATT) and a form of photo identification that all use the same spelling of your name. A temporary or renewed Driver’s License is not an accepted form of identification.

Are there any restrictions on how often I may retake the MBLEx, and how quickly can I apply to retest?

For applicants who have failed the MBLEx or were denied entry to the MBLEx for whatever reason, the FSMTB enables them to repeat the test after thirty (30) days. To reapply, use the FSMTB Examination Account login. Create a login if you don’t already have one if you want to use the site. There is no restriction on how many times a candidate may take the MBLEx using FSMTB. Such restrictions may be imposed by a state licensing board or agency, though. The number of times a candidate may take the MBLEx may be limited by the licensing authorities in your state.

Is it required to renew my MBLEx?

Renewal isn’t necessary. Once you’ve passed the MBLEx, you’re done taking lessons or paying money to keep your MBLEx result. It doesn’t cost anything to keep your membership. Maintaining a valid license is all that is required to maintain a professional relationship with the MBLEx. The requirements of a state licensing board or agency may vary. Consult the licensing authorities in your state.

FSMTB developed the MBLEx for what purpose?

Since massage and bodywork practitioners are required to be licensed, there are four main reasons: to offer the first standardized licensing exam, expedite highly qualified movement; consider giving the governmental public supervision and control over exam content, standard operating procedures pertaining to the exam; to expedite the process between application and inspection and avoid unnecessary delays in licensure.

It is vital that the regulatory community determine and monitor precisely what is being performed and use best practices to get this information. In addition, all of the state boards and agencies agreed that a state-owned and -operated licensing test was essential.

Is it possible that passing a licensing test might lower the bar for a profession’s standards?

Not at all. That would be like stating that the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is watering down the medical profession since every physician must take it. In order to provide a competent and safe practice, a licensee must demonstrate a wide range of fundamental abilities. Only the MBLEx was created to suit the demands of the licensing boards in this regard.

Above is all information regarding the MBLEX – Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination as well as all the associated information. We hope that this article can do wonders in case you want to take this exam as a stepping stone for your career as a massage therapist.