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ServSafe Renewal: How to Become a ServSafe Recertified?

What is the validity of ServSafe certification and how to renew it? Check the article on ServSafe renewal to find up-to-date and beneficial information.

Updated at November 16, 2022

ServSafe renewal is always a topic of interest for many people, especially those who want to keep their certification effective to continue their work. In this article, we will discuss the validity of different types of ServSafe Certification as well as how to renew your certification.

servsafe renewal

Does the ServSafe Certification Expire?

ServSafe Manager 

The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification is effective for 5 years after it is first earned. If you want to keep your certification, you will need to take and pass another test. You merely need to successfully pass the test; there is no need for you to finish any kind of training session.

Even if your ServSafe Food Protection Manager certification is valid for five years, your local license may not be valid for as long. The District of Columbia, Maryland, and some regions of Virginia are examples of states and municipal agencies that will only acknowledge the certification as being valid for three years.

In most cases, you are not required to maintain your ServSafe certification up to date to comply with the legislation that applies in your area; however, this is not always the case. If you want thorough information, you should consult the health agency of your state.

ServSafe Handlers

The ServSafe Food Handlers Certification is valid for 3 years after it is first obtained. After 3 years, you would be required to take and pass a second test, which is also referred to as a food handlers examination. You are NOT required to do any further training, but if you don’t also buy the training course, you won’t be allowed to take the individual examinations. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you finish the course nonetheless, as it will serve as a useful review.

Your ServSafe food handler certification will be invalid after three years, although the date on your local “food handlers card” may be earlier or later than the ServSafe expiration date. In most cases, you are not required to maintain your ServSafe certification up to date to comply with the legislation that applies in your area; however, this is not always the case. If you want thorough information, you should consult the health agency of your state as well as the rules that govern your employment.

ServSafe Alcohol 

The ServSafe Alcohol accreditation is good for a total of three years throughout its validity term. To keep your certification current after three years, you will be required to complete an additional training session and an examination. The ServSafe alcohol examination may only be purchased in conjunction with the corresponding training program. In the case that you do not pass an exam, you will have the opportunity to retake it; however, to do so, the prerequisite class must first be finished.

Your local license might expire earlier or later than your ServSafe Alcohol certification, even though the ServSafe certification is only valid for three years. If you want further information about the length of time left on your certificate, check with your local health department.

ServSafe Allergens

The ServSafe Allergens accreditation is good for five years throughout its validity term. To keep your ServSafe certification active after it has expired, you will be required to demonstrate continued knowledge by passing the test, which is sometimes referred to as an evaluation. You are NOT required to take any further training courses; nevertheless, the evaluation is NOT sold separately and must be paid together with the course.

Although your ServSafe Allergens certification is good for 5 years, your local licensing could have a distinct expiration date. If you want further details about the length of time left on your certification, you can contact the health department in your area.

servsafe renewal

Requirements of ServSafe Renewal

Before the expiration date of your existing certificate, you will need to repeat the test associated with the ServSafe certification that you intend to extend to be eligible to renew that certification. You are required to verify the criteria in advance and either get in touch with your local health department or check with the state where you are located since each state has its own set of laws and rules. You should keep in mind that certain regions may need you to take the ServSafe classes in person, while others may allow you to do the courses online. If this is the case, you will need to plan accordingly.

If you are permitted to take the course on the internet, it is imperative that you keep in mind that once you begin a course, it must be finished within 60 days for the ServSafe Food Handler courses, while the ServSafe Manager and ServSafe Alcohol courses must be taken within 90 days. If you cannot finish the programs within the allotted time, you will lose the course’s access and you will not be eligible for a refund.

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How to Renew Your ServSafe Certification?

The ServSafe Essentials book is recognized as sufficient study material for the certification test in the majority of countries. If the ServSafe Essentials book is deemed insufficient for certification, you may utilize the ServSafe Manager Certification Training CD-ROM instead. If you want to retake the certification test, you will need to purchase an exam answer sheet that you may utilize while you are taking the test.

Through the utilization of the online database on the ServSafe website, you will be able to pinpoint the location of the testing facility that is geographically closest to you. You also have the choice of utilizing the online test facility, which requires you to sign in before allowing you to purchase seat identification numbers that use the product id SSONLINEX. Taking the examination in this manner is one of your other available options. There are no refunds available for the seat registration numbers. After purchasing the registration codes, you will have access to the online recertification test and will be able to take it.

Check with the local health departments or colleges as well as the state association to ascertain whether or not proctored online examinations are offered in the region before purchasing online seating identification numbers. During the time that you are completing the online test, you are required to have a qualified supervisor present. The results of a test that was taken online are accessible for viewing as soon as the exam itself is finished.

How to Become a ServSafe Manager Recertified?

To get the ServSafe Food Safety certification, you will need to obtain a score of at least 70% on the ServSafe Manager Examination. For the health agency in your state or community to acknowledge your ServSafe Certification, you must first demonstrate that you comply with the local regulatory standards. The completion of food safety training, as well as the ServSafe Certification Exam, may be required as part of the requirements. Check out to discover information about the available alternatives for online training and exams, or to locate a training course or test site near you.

Final Words

All of the information related to ServSafe renewal has been detailedly discussed in the above article. Hope this information can be useful for you and hope you can keep your career as a ServSafe specialist!

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