what happens if you fail the real estate exam

What Happens If You Fail the Real Estate Exam?

What happens if you fail the real estate exam? In this article, we will provide you with some effective recommendations to successfully retake this exam.

Updated at November 15, 2022

What Happens If You Fail the Real Estate Exam?

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t pass the real estate test, so don’t worry about it if you’re considering “What happens if you fail the real estate exam?”. Continue reading to find out what the next measures should be for you to do and the reasons why we don’t believe it’s as big of a concern as you may think it is.

what happens if you fail the real estate exam

How Many Times Can You Take The Real Estate Exam?

You have attempted the real estate test more than once, but you have not yet been successful. Eventually, the thought will creep into your head, “I’ve already flunked my real estate test twice; I’ll never pass the real estate exam any more time.” When it comes to the real estate test, how many times are you allowed to take it?

Don’t fret. The number of times you are allowed to take the real estate test before you are considered a failure varies from state to state. And in the end, it doesn’t matter if you failed the real estate exam five times. The real estate exam is just a barrier to getting into the industry, and once you’re in, no one will care how much effort it took you to pass the real estate exam. The real estate exam is just a small barrier to getting into the real estate industry, and you can completely ace it.

What’s Next?

To put it simply, the choice is yours to make. After receiving a failing grade on your real estate test, you have a few different options available to you. You may evaluate your options and conclude that a career in real estate is not the right fit for you. You also have the option of retaking the test if you are certain that you want to work in the real estate industry. You can ace the next exam if you prepare for it more thoroughly, learn how to manage your time effectively, and have faith in your abilities.

After a failed attempt at the test, there are numerous things you can do to retake it. The following is a list of abilities that you need to concentrate on improving before you repeat the test.

Preparation is the Key

Before you even begin to think about how you’re going to prepare for the test, you need to be aware that it is really hard. In North Carolina in the year 2020, students who attended public schools had a pass rate of just 59%, while students who attended private schools had a pass rate of 61%. You can’t just depend on your intuition or context clues to pass the test since the questions don’t stuff you’d know unless you studied them beforehand.

Do not be too hard on yourself if you were unsuccessful the first time — preparation is really necessary. What do you consider to be the single most significant aspect of your test preparation? Create a study regimen for yourself, and stick to it! Here are some strategies for organizing your study time:

  • Make every effort to gain a head start of at least six weeks. You won’t be as overwhelmed by the material this way, and you’ll have more time to examine it.
  • Make sure you have someone keeping you accountable. Have someone — a close friend, a member of your family, or even a roommate — keep an eye on you at all times.

Having a test preparation book on hand is another thing that might come in handy. If you choose to go through the test on your own the previous time you took it and were unsuccessful as a result, you might seriously consider purchasing some exam books. You may buy the national portion of the exam, and you can take as many online practice tests as you wish without incurring any additional costs.

Learn Your Legal Terms

On the real estate test, legalese is a real thing, and it throws off a significant number of candidates. Learning legal jargon and being able to explain what it means might be one of the most useful things you can do for yourself. The simplest method to do this is to:

  • Google the legislature of your state (here is an example from California’s legislature).
  • Find the section that discusses the legislation and laws that pertain to real estate.
  • Take note of the questions that have appeared in prior tests.

Even after doing some homework, navigating the complexities of real estate law may be a time-consuming and frustrating endeavor. Check in with any lawyers you know who could be able to shed some light on the situation if you find that you need more assistance with legal terminology.

what happens if you fail the real estate exam

Memorization is your best option if you were overwhelmed when you encountered legal phrases throughout the test. Because you need to have a comprehensive understanding of these rules, this stage of the procedure is essential to your success in the future.

Because the rules governing real estate are ever-evolving and subject to regular amendments or updates, you must make a concerted effort to keep your legal expertise current.

Confidence and Emotional Strategies

It can seem to be random, but preparing yourself mentally for the retake of your real estate test is necessary. It’s not hard at all. You won’t perform very well on the test if you don’t have confidence in either your level of preparation or in yourself.

Determine the source of your inspiration and drive. Why do you want to go into the real estate business? What aspects of it do you find most appealing? Is there anything in your life that prevents you from giving it your best, or are you simply a person who tends to put things off till later?

The following are some suggestions that might assist you with the mental elements of taking the exam:

  • Don’t let failure consume your thoughts. Instead, focus on moving forward.
  • Watch the clock at all times. If you are going to be very busy and unable to prepare for the exam, try to avoid scheduling it at a particularly trying time in your life.
  • Why are some people scared to retake the exam? Finances. If you are concerned about the cost of taking several exams, you should put aside money over a few months so that you have enough money to pay for the retake.

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Time Management

There is some overlap here with the recommendation about preparation; but, it deserves its segment due to its roles. If you want to be successful, you need to learn how to effectively manage your time. Instead of wasting time studying every single phrase or legislation in the book, focus your efforts on the topics that you already know will be covered in the exam.

After you have completed your pre-licensing requirements, you should register for the test as soon as you can do so. You should schedule your retake for a few weeks following the initial test unless you are unable to do so for reasons related to your finances or your circumstances.

Final Words

What happens if you fail the real estate exam? In short, retaking the real estate exam can be a challenge in which you need to put more effort, time, and strategies into your studying process to ace the exam again. We hope that this article can help you during your study path. Good luck!

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