average emt salary by state

What Is The Average EMT Salary In Every State [2024 Updated]

In this article, we will provide beneficial information about how much an EMT makes and the average EMT salary by State. Follow this article to know more now!

Updated at March 13, 2023

EMTs are essential to the healthcare sector. They are the first individuals on the scene in emergency medical crises, helping to save lives. Although EMTs may not earn as much as paramedics, there is always a big need for them. We will address all of your queries on the average EMT salary by State and the payroll of EMTs in this blog.

average emt salary by state

What does an EMT do?

Emergency Medical Technicians, also known as EMTs, are the first responders at the scene of an emergency such as serious accidents or injuries. Hospitals, fire departments, police departments, or private ambulance services are some places where EMTs probably work.

There, they are in charge of assessing and treating patients in emergencies so that patients’ conditions can be stabilized long enough while they are being given to the hospital. Maintaining a patient’s airway, addressing bleeding, and preventing shock are several vital treatments EMTs can take care of on the spot.

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Do Paramedics make more than an EMT?

EMTs’ main duties are assessing and stabilizing patients’ conditions by providing them with some basic life-saving treatments. On the other hand, paramedics who are licensed medical providers have the right to apply more advanced life-saving measures such as using a defibrillator, administering drugs, inserting an IV line, and intubating a patient.

To become paramedics, students must study both basic and advanced EMT studies. They also have to finish the supplementary courses and on-job training as well. It means that Paramedics require higher education and more experience, so they can earn more than EMTs.

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How much does an EMT make?

While paramedics can earn $40,000 as the annual average salary, EMTs earn between $33,000 to $50,000 per year on average. However, EMT salary can be affected by many other factors including the state of the employment and the company a person works for.

How much does an EMT Basic make in an hour?

According to Salary.com, the average annual salaries of EMTs are between $32,860 and $40,760 nationwide. Therefore, they can earn an average of $16 to $20 per hour.

Where do EMTs get paid the most?

how much an EMT makes

Like other careers, EMTs get paid the most in areas with high demand for their services. However, before seeking a job with a high-paid salary at a new place, you should also consider the course of living there, such as the costs of housing, travel, food, and other commodities. When considering these things, you may realize that the high wages offered to tend to be lower ones.

Zip recruiter’s report, which is confirmed by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, showed that New York is the place where EMTs get the highest-paid. The average salary of an EMT there is $15.78 per hour, so they can earn the average salary of $32,823.

Average EMT salary by state

Below are average estimates of wages as reported by Zip Recruiter, ranked from highest to lowest.

No.StateThe lowest salaryThe highest salaryThe average salary 
Per hourAnnually
1New York$24,622$42,678$15.78$32,823
4New Hampshire$23,958$41,427$15.21$31,643
8Rhode Island$21,656$37,537$14.36$28,877
13North Dakota$22,500$39,000$14.18$29,492
18South Dakota$21,223$36,787$13.76$28,631
19New Jersey$21,521$37,303$13.74$28,569
20West Virginia$21,770$37,735$13.72$28,534
22South Carolina$21,220$36,781$13.58$28,249
44New Mexico$19,900$34,492$12.72$26,457
50North Carolina$17,455$30,256$11.57$25,072

It’s a well-known fact that EMT jobs are not as lucrative as they might seem. There are a few reasons why the EMT salary is so low.
Firstly, becoming an EMT is widely known as the first and fundamental step to getting to a better job or a better life. Therefore, a lot of people take an EMT course and exam first, but not all of them work as EMTs for their whole life, many EMTs then access higher education to become licensed paramedics or doctors and other higher-paid medical professionals.

Why is EMT pay so low?

Another reason why EMTs are paid so low is they are often seen as a public service. They can work for government-funded positions that do not always pay well, or they can work privately and get paid less than their counterparts in other medical fields.

Last but not least, in some rural areas, volunteers are often in charge of EMTs’ roles. This means that it will be harder for EMTs to earn a wage because there are so many people who are ready to do this job for free.

Are EMTs in demand?

The need for emergency medical care is largely stable, just like for all other medical specialties. From 2018 to 2028, it is projected to rise by 7%. This rate of growth is faster than that of all other professions. So, it would be simple to acquire employment as an EMT. 

In conclusion, being an EMT is not difficult. The required training can be completed rapidly, and those who go through this process are likely to swiftly obtain employment. We have created the EMT practice test website to assist you in strengthening your comprehension of all EMT knowledge areas so that you can succeed in your EMT career.

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