hesi a2 vs teas

HESI A2 vs TEAS: Which Exam Is Suitable For You? [2024]

HESI A2 and TEAS exam are both the standards to enter the healthcare field. So what are the key differences between HESI A2 vs TEAS? Let’s go!

Updated at March 14, 2023

You have probably heard of both the HESI A2 vs TEAS tests if you are interested in a healthcare career. In the United States, nursing schools usually require these evaluations. You might need to take these admission tests if you want to enroll in your ideal nursing program. We made the decision to dissect each exam’s essential elements. We’ll provide answers to these and other questions in this post to help you prepare for your admission exam and enter the nursing program of your choice.

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What is HESI A2?

hesi a2 vs teas

The Health Education Systems, Inc. (which stands for the HESI) exam was founded and created by the Elsevier Instruction. The HESI exam was planned as an entrance exam for nursing programs within the United States, paramedicine, and other healthcare callings. The HESI exam tests the aptitude of students to succeed in a healthcare program. The HESI exam moreover offers forte exams based on your program of interest.

Wellbeing schools provided programs within the areas recorded over can choose and select the distinctive sorts of exams they wish to utilize in their educational module. For illustration, numerous schools require understudies to pass a HESI test (or the HESI A2 for detail) that incorporates segments on perusing, linguistic use, math, life systems, chemistry, science, and physiology.

Other schools require understudies to pass the HESI specialty exams that are utilized as a class’s last exam or mid-curricular exam. For illustration, the HESI A2 nursing exams incorporate forte tests that cover such zones as sustenance and pharmacology. There are exactly 18 specialty exams for RNs, exactly 14 specialty exams for LPNs/LVNs, and 3 specialty exams for APRNs. Healthcare exams cover several key substance ranges, such as community wellbeing standards and CPR, which are also provided.

These programs might moreover conclude with a comprehensive exit exam. Portability exams are moreover conducted for move programs, such as the EMS to ADN healthcare programs or the  LPN to BSN healthcare programs.

Other schools require students to pass HESI specialty content area exams that are used as a class’s final exam or mid-curricular exam. For example, the HESI nursing exams include specialty tests that cover such areas as nutrition and pharmacology. There are 18 specialty exams for RNs, 14 for LPNs/LVNs, and three for APRNs. Health professions exams covering key content areas, such as community health principles and CPR, are also offered. These programs might also conclude with a comprehensive exit exam. Mobility exams are also conducted for transition programs, such as LPN to BSN programs or EMS to ADN programs.

What is TEAS?

The TEAS exam stands for the Test of Essential Academic Skills. The exam guarantees that the understudy has the fundamental scholastic aptitudes to perform well in nursing school. A great score on the TEAS will assist you to get into a nursing program within the US. It tests what a nursing student’s scholastic potential may be in nursing school. Colleges often utilize this test since considerations have appeared that those who perform well perform well scholastically in higher education.

The TEAS exam is frequently a portion of the total application process that nursing understudies must take to get into nursing school. The TEAS exam is comparable to the HESI A2 (which stands for the Health Education Systems Incorporated Admissions) exam, which a few educators utilize as the portion of a student’s application.

Numerous programs require TEAS scores to decide the scholarly wellness of potential nursing understudies. Things have appeared that understudies who do well on the TEAS moreover do well in nursing school. It is also recommended for you to plan to require the TEAS before the process of applying to any nursing program since a favorable score can give you a competitive edge — even if the exam isn’t unequivocally required for confirmation. Most schools that incorporate the TEAS are a portion of their application preparation, application, transcripts, letters of suggestion, an essay, and other expenses.

The TEAS will test understudies on different subjects to see if they are scholastically capable sufficient to succeed in an ADN (which stands for the Associate Degree of Nursing) or BSN (which stands for the  Bachelor Degree of Nursing) program. There are 4 common subjects on the TEAS test: language usage, perusing, math, science, and English.

What Is The Difference Between HESI and TEAS Exam?

hesi a2 vs teas


Whereas both of these healthcare exams are planned for the purpose of decreeing the same key components, HESI vs ATI TEAS still has distinctive areas and strategies for testing.


The HESI A2 has a minimum of 6 main segments and 2 optional segments. In the new version, HESI A2 has updated 1 new segment – HESI A2 Anatomy and Physiology. The HESI A2 exam may have more areas depending on your forte program. The HESI A2 exam tests your capacity in the use of the English language, reading comprehension, basic math skills, physical sciences, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, vocabulary and general knowledge, grammar, life and physical sciences.

The anatomy and physiology testing segment of the HES will test your information on human life structures and fundamental physiology capacities. The basic math skills testing segment will test your information on number juggling and a few variable-based math. The biology testing segment will require you to get its fundamental organic forms. The chemistry testing segment will spin around essential and stoichiometric chemistry. In terms of the use of the English language, reading comprehension, and vocabulary & general knowledge, you’ll be anticipated to show your English and dialect utilization abilities successfully.

There’s moreover a learner profile segment on the HESI exam that incorporates two extra areas: Learning Fashion and Identity Profile. These segments may or may not be the portion of your exam depending on the program you’re applying to. A few programs utilize this data for the purpose of assisting guide their education style and educational modules for the purpose of coordinating the learning styles of imminent and approaching understudies.

In addition, there are moreover several types of HESI specialty exams that incorporate specialized information ranges like pharmacology and sustenance, which a few restorative understudies would require for their particular areas. Therapeutic schools utilize the HESI exam to guarantee understudies need information that seems to set them back in their courses afterward on. Since numerous programs have distinctive fragments and length prerequisites for the HESI, it’s troublesome to say precisely how long the test will be. In any case, here’s a pattern of each test’s parcels and how numerous questions it has.

HESI Testing SegmentsTime to CompleteNumber of HESI Questions
Anatomy and Physiology segment25 minutes to complete30 questions in total
Basic Math Skills segment50 minutes to complete55 questions in total
Biology segment25 minutes to complete30 questions in total
Chemistry segment25 minutes to complete30 questions in total
Grammar segment50 minutes to complete55 questions in total
Learning Style segment15 minutes to complete14 questions in total
Personality Profile segment15 minutes to complete15 questions in total
Reading Comprehension segment60 minutes to complete55 questions in total
Vocabulary and General Knowledge segment50 minutes to complete55 questions in total

During the process of enlisting for the HESI exam, don’t forget to pay attention to what areas are required for the diverse programs to which you’re applying. In the event that you take the HESI exam and have overlooked enlistment for a required section, you’ll have to retake the exam as a few programs will not acknowledge halfway exams.

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The TEAS exam has exactly 4 testing segments. When it comes to the HESI and TEAS test, the TEAS is much shorter and is frequently considered less demanding. The TEAS exam has perusing and science areas, which are outlined to test your capacity to succeed in nursing school. The TEAS comprises around 170 questions to be replied to within more than 209 minutes.

There are 4 testing segments including Mathematics, science, reading, and English and Language Usage. The primary 3 segments take approximately 1 hour for you to total, with the English and Language Usage testing segment taking around 30 minutes. The perusing segment will test your comprehension of key ideas and points of interest. It’ll moreover test your information of sentence and perusing section structure.

The Mathematics testing segment will test your information on variable-based math, information elucidation, and number-crunching. The science testing segment will test you on life structures, physiology, life, physical, and essential sciences. It is suggested that you have an exhaustive understanding of logical thinking. The English and Language Usage testing segment will test lexicon and standard English utilization. Below is the detailed table of what the TEAS test covers.

CategoriesReadingMathematicsScienceEnglish and Language Usage
Number of Questions53 questions36 questions53 questions28 questions
Time to Complete64 minutes54 minutes63 minutes28 minutes
Specific Content for each TEAS segmentKey ideas as well as reading details
Integration of knowledge reading ideas
Pre-Test questions
Mathematics numbers and algebra
Mathematics measurement and data
Pre-Test Mathematics questions
Human anatomy & physiology
Life and physical sciences
Pre-Test science questions
Knowledge of English and
Vocabulary acquisition
Pre-Test English and Language Usage questions


HESI A2 vs TEAS which is harder? Most understudies believe that the HESI is dramatically harder than the TEAS. This could be because of the expanded length of the HESI test. The TEAS vs HESI exam is known to be a bit less specialized. You’ll likely get to think about it more once you take the HESI due to its expanded specialization.

During the process of registering and taking the TEAS test, you’ll depend on a few of the common information simply learned in math and science. For the purpose of performing as well as possible on the HESI, you would like to get more specialized data relating to life systems and other life sciences.

Numerous understudies ponder the HESI before the TEAS since it is more troublesome. In the event that you study for the HESI, at that point you’ll likely be arranged on the off chance that you wish to require the TEAS. It is recommended for you to practice as much as possible for both the mentioned exams in case you wish to require both of these.


When it comes to scoring, there’s no pass or coming up short for either of these exams. At least, in fact, there’s no standard for a pass/fall when taking the exam. Whether you’re able to enter into the school of your choice based on your results is completely up to the school that you select to apply to.

The TEAS provides candidates with exactly 3 diverse scores, counting scores for the general exam, for each area, and for each subsection inside the exam. Scores are given in a rate, with the TEAS scores from approximately 58.7% to approximately 77.3%, and scores above this range are regarded as advanced scores.

You should ensure that the individual schools that you apply to can select the score that they feel is best or that they require for entrance. A few schools will acknowledge more understudies with lower (or marginally lower) exam scores, while others will require higher exam scores. It’ll, by and large, depend on the type of school or the quality of the school you’re looking to go to.

Time to retake 

hesi a2 vs teas

The HESI exam can be taken as numerous times as you like, in spite of the fact that you’ll have to be held up for at least 2 months between endeavors, and you’re not permitted to require it more than 3 times in a 1-year period.

The prerequisites for how numerous times you’ll be able to take the TEAS exam by and large and how long you must hold up between endeavors is up to the schools that you want to apply to, but you’re by and large not permitted to require it more than 3 times in a 1-year period. What this implies is you should study well for the exam, so you just have to take it once.

Be that as it may, in case you’re incapable of passing the primary time or in the event that you do not get the score that you simply need, you’ll be able to retake it. Make beyond any doubt you know the least score you wish to be considered for the school of your choice.

Also, it is important for you to ensure that you know how long the school of your choice requires you to hold up before the process of taking the 2nd exam. You’ll moreover need to know if they take your last score or your best score when considering you for affirmation. In case you’ve got a score that’s normal or marginally over normal, this might alter your mind about taking the 2nd exam.

HESI A2 vs TEAS: Which Exam Should You Take?

Selecting the right exam for you is a matter of personal choice. Each exam has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s unclear which one would give you the best results possible in terms of getting into the institution of your choosing.

The TEAS exam might be more widely accepted and much better known, which can make it a viable option for some students, but you need to verify with the school (or schools) of your choosing to make sure they accept this exam and to choose what score you want to be taken into consideration.

Despite the HESI exam’s lower popularity, your prospective medical schools may still accept it. To learn whether they accept this exam and what sort of score you would need to get to be considered, you must contact the school or schools that you plan to apply to.

High-quality healthcare examinations like the HESI A2 vs TEAS can help you establish your proficiency before you start working as a healthcare practitioner. As a result, carefully study this essay and make sure you’re ready for your forthcoming test.