how to pass HESI specialty exam

How To Pass HESI Specialty Exam? [2024 Ultimate Guide]

HESI Specialty Exam is often considered important to enter the nursing field. So how to pass HESI specialty exam? Find every tip in the below article!

Updated at March 11, 2023

Candidates for the HESI specialty exam who want to apply to certain nursing schools must learn how to prepare for the HESI. This test serves as a tool to assist nursing schools in their assessment of prospective understudies. In short, it lets schools know whether a student is ready to start their program. Every institution has different requirements, so it’s important for students to read up on them and become familiar with them before registering to take the HESI specialized exam. So, how to pass HESI speciality exam?

Let’s get started with our free HESI A2 practice test so you can ace the test the first time around with a perfect score!

Is The HESI Specialty Exam Difficult?

The sheer volume of the HESI specialty exam is scary to numerous understudies when they examine the prerequisites. It is suggested for the candidates ensure that they may have learned a few of these HESI subjects or concepts. After putting in a few great ponder hours, most understudies will start to keep in mind these included concepts.

The HESI specialty exam is comparable in difficulty to the TEAS exam. Both HESI A2 vs TEAS are entrance exams so it’s not astounding that they are comparable. A few schools just require their potential candidates to require either the TEAS exam or the HESI specialty exam and not both. With that said, the HESI A2 shouldn’t be taken lightly. Devote time to examining and preparing or else you’ll pay more cash and retake the HESI exam.

How To Pass HESI Specialty Exam?

Survey a few effective tips and strategies underneath that have been demonstrated to achieve the top HESI specialty exam score range.

how to pass HESI specialty exam

Build up a Clear Plan

Open up your calendar and begin arranging ahead for the HESI specialty exam. Ensure that you’re carefully planning your time which can suit your standard of living. You must maintain a strategic distance from diversions during your sessions. Ensuring to make an arrangement for accomplishing imperative life turning points is critical expertise so, in the event that you haven’t been doing so up until this point, there will be no better time to begin.

It is also recommended for you to select the HESI preparation courses which strictly follow a point-by-point layout that makes a difference in gathering study sessions together. This preparation makes a proficient ponder plan that spares you a wide range of time.

Take a HESI Specialty Practice Test

Before the process of beginning your preparation and studying process, you’ll have to know the regions that you need to fully consider. The most effective method to decide is typically by taking a HESI specialty mock test. Prioritize your studying process based on the ESI specialty mock test outcomes to consider more within the regions where you scored least. Understudies can take our free HESI specialty practice test to start. In case you’re seeking out more tests and questions, several HESI preparation materials such as books or courses contain full-length exams for you.

One of the greatest botches that understudies make is that they spend as much time examining subjects where they are solid and don’t center on their weak knowledge areas. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. One of the foremost critical angles of the HESI specialty practice test is the appearance of answer explanations. All ESI specialty practice tests should include a wide range of answer explanations for the purpose of assisting you to figure out why your HESI answer was right/wrong.

Set the Suitable and Reachable Expectations

Another critical portion of learning how to pass the HESI specialty exam is to set the proper desires. The HESI specialty exam is designed for the purpose of evaluating study areas that you’ve learned already. Don’t freeze – once you begin looking into the concepts, it’s suggested for you to begin to keep them in mind. Parcels of viable HESI preparation courses or materials are outlined to instruct concepts with the presumption that the client has never learned them some time recently. Understudies can strictly follow substance diagrams and ponder guides step-by-step and learn each concept that will be tried on the HESI specialty exam.

Never Cram your Studies Right before the Test Day

Nearly each college understudy in the world has packed for a test at one point or another. Of course, it is completely conceivable to pass a HESI specialty exam but you’ll score lower. With the HESI A2 exam, your objective is to score as high as possible. This means you have got to strictly follow the foremost productive approach. The truth is that relinquishing rest may be a counterproductive approach to considering.

For the purpose of retaining HESI data, we have to rest since that’s when data is committed to long-term memory. Be that as it may, don’t take our word for it. Various researches have shown that solid sleep at night can provide people with improvement in memory. So don’t forget to ensure that you can have a strong rest for from 7 to 8 hours each night.

Consider an Effective HESI Preparation Course

Purchasing for each HESI specialty exam prep course can require you to pay a certain amount of budget. It is recommended for HESI candidates to think of this buy as speculation in their future. A HESI specialty exam prep course will offer assistance to spare you time by permitting you to jump into your preparation process. You may not squander time collecting and gathering data to start. A HESI specialty exam prep course will moreover help candidates save time examining by helping them figure out the concepts they have to be centered on foremost. Stop wasting time examining knowledge areas or concepts you’ve known.

Try Using Flashcards

Flashcards are always considered an incredible visual apparatus that numerous students often underestimate. Flashcards are incredible for concepts that require memorization – such as HESI specialty exam vocabulary. It is suggested that you select preparation courses that include as many HESI flashcards as possible to assist you to memorize vital terms. HESI specialty exam candidates can moreover make them possess flashcards utilizing several effective studying tools such as Brainscape or Quizlet.

HESI Specialty Exam Preparation Courses Vs. Self-Studying

how to pass HESI specialty exam

The greatest benefit of employing a HESI specialty exam preparation course is its effectiveness. It spares you the time of having to investigate each person’s subject by giving all think about materials in one convenient area. Hence, you’ll spend less time prepping and more time examining.

This effectiveness will of course require you a certain amount of budget. But once you consider the benefits of employing a HESI specialty exam preparation course, you’ll discover that they far exceed the costs. All HESI materials are particularly focused on the subjects included within the HESI exam, so you’ll be able to begin considering them. With self-studying, you might need to halt burrowing up information, hence leading to a decrease in your required study time.

HESI specialty exam preparation courses come with point-by-point HESI specialty practical tests that will show how you perform with each subject, so you’ll center your study plan in a much more productive way. They are for the most part very reasonable and permit you to study more effectively. As you’ll be able to see, productivity appears to envelop all of the benefits.

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FAQs – HESI Specialty Exam

What score is required to pass the HESI exam?

There is no certain scoring level within the HESI specialty exam that can determine whether a person can fail or pass the HESI. In other words, HESI specialty exam candidates don’t pass or fail. Their score is a pointer to their proficiency on the exam but each school requires it possesses one of a kind least score for confirmation. Subsequently, passing basically implies simply getting a score that meets the necessity of the school you need to go to. Most schools require a least composite score of 75% and minimum individual exam scores of 70%. You should remember that the mentioned information is just a reference and the HESI scores can be different depending on the regulation of each school.

How difficult is it to retake the HESI specialty exam?

To begin with, it’s imperative to note that a few schools don’t indeed permit candidates to retake the HESI specialty exam whereas others permit one retake. It is profoundly prescribed that you are doing everything in your power to induce it right at the primary time! There’s moreover a holding up period that’s set by the school. Indeed schools that permit numerous retakes will limit the number of times the HESI specialty test can be taken a year. When retaking the HESI exam, it is required for you to pay the charge once more. It can get very costly so let’s carefully prepare for your 1st try at the HESI specialty exam.

What is a perfect HESI specialty exam score?

The HESI specialty exam is scored on a scale extending from 750 to 900, with 900 being the most excellent score conceivable. Whereas you do not really “pass” or “fail” the HESI specialty exam, each nursing school or institute has its own score, and which subtests are required for entry into the educational program.

What will I find on the HESI exam?

how to pass HESI specialty exam

This depends almost on the regulation of each nursing school or educational institution. A few understudies might not need to be tried on each HESI specialty exam subject. Examined the necessities of the application. Each school regulates its own form of the HESI specialty exam. Schools choose and choose which sections of the HESI specialty exam they need to manage. The foremost common areas incorporate HESI English language usage, basic math skills, and other knowledge areas.

When can I take the HESI specialty exam?

HESI specialty exam testing times depend on the school taking charge of holding the exam so you wish to visit the site of the nursing school you’re applying to and see their plan. You’ll moreover message the school’s guidance counselor and inquire with them. In any case, it is exceedingly prescribed to merely start considering at least 12 days before the HESI specialty exam date in case you’re employing a preparation course, and 1 month in development in case you’re during the period of self-studying. 

Is the HESI specialty exam harder than the TEAS exam?

In general, the HESI specialty exam is often considered more challenging than the TEAS exam since it includes more knowledge areas. The HESI specialty exam is more in-depth than what you may get with the TEAS exam, which implies you would like to ensure that you can contribute more effort.

Keep in mind that the HESI specialty exam is planned to test you in more detailed areas and give questions in centered ranges. You’ll not take all of the sections, however, depending on the prerequisites of the school that you simply will be going to. Besides, keep in mind that much of the HESI specialty exam is reaching to be centered on the nuts and bolts of pursuing comprehension and essential arithmetic. These are ranges that you can keep in mind effortlessly.

What happens if you don’t pass the HESI specialty exam?

People who don’t perform well on the HESI specialty exams on their first attempt and have to take them once more can utilize legitimate study material to assist them to get ready. These HESI specialty exam prep courses are carefully planned to direct understudies through all of the guides they will be tried on during the process of taking the HESI specialty exam.

Do you need to pass the HESI specialty exam to attend nursing schools/institutes?

Numerous nursing schools or institutes often utilize this as a point of admission, which means that in case you are not passing the HESI specialty exam with the score they need, you cannot apply to their nursing school. Each nursing school often employs distinctive parts of the HESI specialty exam as there are 8 categories and an exam of personality/learning style.

Final Thoughts

The HESI specialty exam is quite significant for your future job, so it is advised that you use all of the study materials and strategies to raise your score. Just be sure you’re looking at the right areas because it will vary depending on who you ask. How to pass HESI speciality exam? Learn about the requirements for the school, then take a mock HESI exam before developing a firm strategy. Let’s completely abide by the advice in this aspect as well to earn the best grade on the first try!