mblex study guide

MBLEx Study Guide: How to Ace the Massage and Bodywork Exam?

MBLEx is considered a prestigious certification within the field of massage and therapy. Check out the MBLEx study guide below to know how to pass this exam.

Updated at November 16, 2022

The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, often known as FSMTB, is in charge of overseeing and regulating the MBLEx. It is officially one of the several stages required to get your state license in massage therapy. Therefore, this exam is not easy at all and you can put enough time, effort, and suitable strategies into your preparation process. So how to pass the MBLEx? Check this MBLEx study guide to find that answer.

On this website, we also offer hundreds of free MBLEx practice test questions to help you thoroughly prepare for your coming exam!

mblex study guide

What is MBLEx?

The Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (which is popularly known as MBLEx) is governed by the FSMTB. As the national test for candidates seeking entry-level licenses, it serves both the massage therapy and regulatory professions. In the present day, 46 out of 49 regulated countries use the MBLEx as a requirement for obtaining a massage therapy and regulatory license.

The MBLEx is given in both English and Spanish in high-security testing facilities situated across all 50 regions, jurisdictions, and states of the US. The MBLEx is conducted by Pearson VUE, the industry leader in building digital testing.

Please be aware that obtaining a passing score on the MBLEx is only one of the procedures required to obtain a license in your state. To guarantee that you meet the standards for the license in the jurisdiction in which you intend to work, you should verify with the committee or agency that handles certification in your jurisdiction.

What’s on the MBLEx exam?

The computer-based MBLEx test includes a total of one hundred questions. This indicates that the level of complexity of the following question will rise with each question that you successfully answer. This modification will continue until a question is answered wrong, at which point the procedure will start over from the beginning. 

Just bear in mind that the exam is tailored to your specific needs, and make an effort to respond to each question in order using the best of your abilities. Following is an outline of the format that includes subject categories, prospective subjects, and weights assigned to each component.

No.Topic% of Questions  
1Anatomy and physiology0.11
3Pathology, areas of caution, contraindications, special populations0.14
4Benefits, physiological effects of soft tissue manipulation techniques0.15
5Client assessment, treatment planning, and reassessment0.17
6Boundaries, ethics, laws, and regulations0.16
7Professional practice guidelines0.15

MBLEx Study Guide: Prepare for the Exam

Prepare Yourself for the Test

Studying for an exam to obtain a license or certification should be approached in the same manner as studying for tests taken in your classes. Do not make any dramatic changes to your routine. Cramming the night just before the test is not recommended. Start your preparation 3 weeks to 1 month beforehand, at intervals of 30 minutes each. After the completion of each segment of time, take a rest and walk out the door.

Participate in the practical examinations provided by the various institutions, but do not commit the questions to memory. When you are getting ready to take a test, practice examinations can be a helpful tool; however, you should not merely remember the questions; instead, you should make sure that you fully comprehend the topic. You have the option of taking free practice examinations online or purchasing study material from one of the many internet shops.

Choose Quality Learning Resources

The fewer times you have to take the test again to be successful, the sooner you will be capable of earning money or pursuing chances in the world of work and commerce.

There are several tools available to assist you in getting ready for the test that you have coming up. Make an effort not to let the variety of options cause you to feel too confused. Pick one that is most current with the modifications that have been made to the MBLEx, and that provides timed simulated tests, targeted sample questions to aid you in working on your weak spots, and exam prep to assist you in reviewing the topic overview.

Schedule The Exam

The procedure for the test will go as follows:

  • Submit your application either online or through the mail to sit for the test
  • The application will be processed by FSMTB during the next five days.
  • You will be sent an email with your Authorization to Test, and you’ll be given a total of three months to complete the exam.
  • You may either arrange your test using the website or over the phone.
  • Following the registration of the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • The testing facility will have your findings ready for pickup there.
  • Within the next 1 day, the results will be forwarded to the state agency or organization that you choose.

You will be required to choose a time, date, and venue for the examination when you register for it. Register as soon as possible because there is limited space available. If you are not familiar with the place, traveling there on the day of the event might make you feel more prepared by ensuring that you already understand how to get to the testing facility and where to park.

The registration fee for the test is going to be $265. You have the option to repeat the test if you feel it is necessary; however, there will be a fee associated with this and you’ll be ordered to fill out the Retake Application Form.

mblex study guide

Take the MBLEx

Get a sufficient amount of sleep, eat something, and dress in casual attire before your test. This should help you remember more information and sustain your attention when you are taking the test.

  • On the Big Day

Make sure you get there at least on time for your test. Please ensure that you have sufficient time to reach your testing location to avoid the stress that might be caused by unanticipated events such as traffic jams.

When you arrive at the testing facility, you will be required to bring two different kinds of identities with you. When you go to sign up for the service, ensure that you examine the website for additional details regarding the permitted proof of identity.

You are not allowed to bring any personal objects into the test chamber with you, and you are prohibited from wearing any jewels or devices while you are completing the exam. You have the option to check in beforehand to see if the testing site has lockers for you to put your belongings in.

Because the MBLEX scores are calculated digitally, you will get the results of your performance on the same day as the test. The outcome of the test is either pass or fail.

  • During the Exam

The test consists of one hundred questions with multiple-choice answers and is completed on a virtual machine. The test will give you a total of two hours to finish it. On the display of the test you will be given, there will be a status indicator that will indicate what percentage of the test you have finished as well as how much more time you have left. On the test, you are required to provide answers to all of the questions.

Take the time to read each of the questions. Before you select your response, you should double-check that you have read the query entirety and that you comprehend what is being asked. Follow your instincts. When you have paid attention during class and researched, you should trust your initial reaction rather than doubting yourself many times and changing your response.

Never continue without responding to your question. When you can not provide a solution to a question, write down your precise estimation and mark the inquiry so that you may return to it at the end of the test as long as you have the opportunity.

Final Words

Above is all information related to the process of preparing and taking the MBLEx. We hope that this MBLEx study guide can be beneficial to you and hope you guys can successfully pass this exam.