What is the HESI exam

What Is The HESI Exam? How Many Types of The HESI Exam?

HESI is known as a standard for those who want to enter the nursing profession. So what is the HESI exam? Find the beneficial information in this article!

Updated at March 13, 2023

What is the HESI exam? What does HESI mean? Who takes the HESI test? Well, to be more precise, HESI (shorts for the Health Education Systems Incorporated) is a US company that offers a variety of nursing exams and other materials to help prepare aspiring medical caregivers for their professional license exams. Elsevier acquired HESI in 2006.

In the United States, medical or nursing schools often use HESI to determine a student’s likelihood of success on exams like the NCLEX-RN. Numerous US nursing schools use their HESI A2 (also known as the Entrance Assessment) exam as a standard for admittance. This four-hour test is automated and administered using several online management systems. Let’s get started with our free HESI A2 practice test so you can ace the test right on the first go.

What is The HESI Exam?

After discovering what is HESI exam, do you wonder if there are different versions of HESI A2? Elsevier offers two versions of the HESI exam: HESI A2 and HESI Exit. If HESI A2 is considered an entrance exam to assess a candidate’s ability before officially pursuing a study program at a nursing school, the HESI Exit exam takes responsibility for predicting a candidate’s success in passing their NCLEX exam.

Although both are from the same provider, Elsevier, in reality, HESI A2 and HESI Exit exams show very clear differences, including exam content, scoring, purposes, and many other factors. The HESI A2 seems to be more well-known in the US and most countries, while the HESI Exit exam is usually only known if someone is planning to take the NCLEX exam. Later in this article, we will provide you with specific information about both exams, to help you find the exam that is right for your abilities, needs, and goals.

HESI A2 Exam

What is the HESI exam

What is the HESI A2 Exam?

The HESI A2 is well-known as a computer-based nursing exam comprising 3 primary categories with six areas: English Language (includes vocabulary and general knowledge, reading comprehension, grammar), Mathematics and Science (includes biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology). The HESI A2 test is utilized for nursing schools to screen candidates for confirmation into nursing programs. Becoming increasingly popular with the US as the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment, the HESI A2 exam is founded and organized in the format of a multiple-choice test with 5 scored exam points and 1 unscored identity evaluation. Test-takers are permitted a maximum of 5 hours and 15 minutes for completing the HESI A2 exam.

The Purpose of the HESI A2 Exam 

The HESI A2 Exam is required for the purpose of finding passage into the CNM Nursing Program. An average of 75% on all subtests and an average of 75% composite scores are required. The HESI A2 is additionally utilized by the College of New Mexico of Nursing and is required for nursing understudies for the NMNEC ADN/BSN co-enrollment alternative.

Achieving good scores on the HESI A2 can make a gigantic contrast in making a difference to secure confirmation into a nursing school program. Then again, a destitute or indeed so-so appearing can demolish your chances of being acknowledged into a program. Whereas it’s genuine that in most cases you’ll be able to retake the exam at least once in case you are doing ineffectively, that doesn’t essentially mean you’ll perform better on the next try. By and large, individuals who retake the HESI A2 exam will have a completely diverse adaptation of the test on their retakes, and won’t see any questions that they’ve seen before.

The HESI A2 Exam Content Outline

So what are the categories included within the HESI A2 exam? What do these categories need you to perform and what is the number of questions for each? Below is a breakdown of the HESI A2 exam categories.

English Language

The English Language testing segment comprises exactly 55 questions (includes exactly 50 scored questions and 5 unscored questions). This category is broken down into 3 sub-segments, which are Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and finally, Vocabulary and General Knowledge. Below is the detailed information of each sub-segment.

  • Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension segment gives perusing scenarios for the purpose of decreeing perusing comprehension, recognizing the most thought, finding the meaning of words in setting, section comprehension, making coherent deductions, etc. There is a part of thematic questions included within the perusing comprehension area of the HESI A2. You’ll study an entry and the exam will ask you (in an assortment of methods) in case you get it. There will be more often than around 8 questions for each testing section. 

  • Vocabulary and General Knowledge

This subsection contains lexicon terms that are commonly utilized in both common English-speaking settings and in wellbeing care areas. It is possible that you can successfully pass through this subsection with setting clues; in any case, in case you’re not a natural vocabulary whiz, don’t forget to check out the foremost commonly inquired lexicon terms which can be beneficial for your preparation process.

  • Grammar

The Grammar subsection contains fundamental language structure, counting parts of discourse, imperative terms, and their employments, commonly happening syntactic blunders, etc. The test centers apart on questions like “Fill within the clear of the below sentence to create it most linguistically correct.” There are moreover questions that list different sentences and ask “Which of the following is correct/incorrect?” This implies that you need to know fundamental lexicon and linguistic use rules; in any case, you ought to be able to utilize setting clues to reply to most questions accurately.


The Mathematics testing segment comprises exactly 55 questions (includes exactly 50 scored questions and 5 unscored questions) and has just 1 segment: Basic Math Skills. This subsection centers on math aptitudes required for wellbeing care areas, counting fundamental expansion, subtraction, increase, divisions, decimals, proportion and extent, family measures, common math actualities, etc. Luckily, you may be able to utilize a computer calculator on the HESI A2 test. It is required for you to know changes, divisions, decimals, and word problems.


The Science testing segment comprises exactly 30 questions (includes exactly 25 scored questions and 5 unscored questions). This category is broken down into 3 sub-segments, which are Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology. Below is the detailed information of each sub-segment.

  • Biology

The sub-section of biology comprises science essentials, water, natural atoms, digestion system, cells, cellular breath, photosynthesis, etc. Since it is a quite challenging segment for any candidates, remember to carefully review all the theories before the process of entering the practicing stage.

  • Chemistry

The chemistry sub-section contains test things that cover the occasional table, matter, atomic chemistry, chemical conditions and responses, nuclear structure, chemical holding, etc. Similar to the subsection of biology, it is suggested for you to carefully review all the theories before the process of entering the practicing stage.

  • Anatomy and Physiology

The foremost troublesome area of the HESI A2 exam is the Anatomy and Physiology sub-segment. This subsection gives the scope of common phrasing and anatomical structures and frameworks. 

Why is the HESI A2 Exam so Popular?

HESI A2 Exam is utilized for the purpose of assessing the candidates who need to enter the Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurse, Dental Hygiene Programs. By successfully completing the HESI A2 exam, the appraisal of the scholarly information of a candidate is inspected. To urge admission to distinctive nursing schools and colleges, the candidate needs to pass the HESI A2 exam and should achieve a composite that ranges from at least 70 to 90.

Attending the HESI A2 exam and achieving a great score illustrates how a test-taker is reaching to perform within the NCLEX examinations. This exam will offer assistance to the candidates to recognize their shortcomings in their nursing programs and they can progress to realize their objective of being fruitful medical attendants. The expectation of the HESI A2 exam is to know how a student can perform within their educational programs in nursing schools or institutes.

Successful completion of the HESI A2 Exam makes a difference to the candidate’s future career within the nursing field in particular and the medical field in general. Moreover, they will get arranged for NCLEX Examinations. By successfully completing the HESI A2 Exam, students can have more opportunities to be recognizable with the sorts of questions they will be inquired about by the time they sit for permitting exams.

HESI Exit Exam

What is the HESI exam

So what is the HESI Exit Exam? The HESI Exit Exam is utilized by numerous Nursing schools within the US for the purpose of assessing a student’s availability for both the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN examinations. Similar to the HESI A2, the HESI Exit Exams are created by Elsevier and are planning to coordinate the most recent test plans of the NCLEX. Nursing programs within the US ordinarily regulate the HESI Exit Exam amid the final semester of the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN programs. The outcomes of the HESI exam are utilized by numerous schools or educational institutes to distinguish qualities and distinguish any remediation needs. Most Nursing schools require an understudy to successfully pass their HESI Exit Exam earlier for graduation.

The Purpose of HESI Exit Exam

As mentioned above, the main reason for the Exit HESI is to anticipate a student’s victory in passing their NCLEX. Later ponders have analyzed the outcomes of over 35,000 understudies who have taken the HESI Exit test and the NCLEX. Of the understudies who took the Exit exam over a 7-year period, over 98% of the understudies that the HESI Exit Exam anticipated would pass their NCLEX did so on the 1st attempt.

The HESI Exit Exams are planned for the purpose of testing a student’s understanding of the whole Nursing educational program. The HESI RN Exit Exam contains exactly 150 questions. The HESI LPN Exit Exam can consist of either 150 questions or 75 questions. HESI questions are as a rule centered on the basic thinking level and are planning to imitate the sorts of questions found within the NCLEX exams.

Format of HESI Exit Exam

The format of the HESI Exit Exam is aiming to mimic the sorts of questions an understudy will see on their NCLEX board exams. The address designs on the exit exam can be any of the taking after sorts: hot spots, multiple-choice, fill in the blank, charts, multiple responses, drag/drop, or charts.  The HESI questions are more basically considering based, versus a standard information or fact level like understudies see in their standard nursing courses. The HESI Exit Exam questions format will be included within one of the below:

  • Numerous Choice – These are the larger part of the questions. Understudies will select a reply from one of 4 choices. 
  • Hot Spots – Understudies are inquired to recognize a particular region on a picture or graph. 
  • Drop and Drag – Understudies will rank or arrange things.
  • Multiple Reaction – Understudies can select one or more answers from 5 to 7 choices.
  • Chart/Exhibits – Understudies are inquired to illuminate an issue based on data displayed in a chart or exhibit. 
  • Fill in the Blank – Understudies calculate a reply and yield it. An on-screen calculator is provided. 

The HESI Exit Exam Content Outline

It is recommended for you to carefully study and prepare for your HESI Exit Exam as you’d for your NCLEX exam. You wish to get the ranges that the exam covers, audit the substance for those zones, decide your shortcomings, and utilize exams to pick up nature with the process. 

The HESI Exit Exams are created to coordinate the most recent NCLEX test plans. They test the whole nursing educational programs and they endeavor to anticipate whether or not the test taker will pass the NCLEX exam, which each nurse is required to pass for proficient certification.

  • The center subject zones of the HESI exit exam are: Nursing Handle (Appraisal, Investigation, Arranging, Usage, Evaluation) 
  • Client Needs (Safe or Effective Environment, Administration of Care, Security and Disease Control, Wellbeing Advancement and Support, Psychosocial Judgment, Physiological Judgment, Essential Care, and Consolation, Pharmaceutical and Parenteral Tx, Diminish Risk, Physio Adaption)
  • Specialty Region (Community Wellbeing, Basic Care, Basics, Geriatrics, Maternity, Medical-Surgical, Pathophysiology, Pediatrics, Proficient Issues, Psychiatric/Mental Health) 
  • Nursing Handle: Evaluation, arranging, usage, and evaluation 
  • Client Needs: Contamination control, essential care and consolation, wellbeing advancement and upkeep, care administration and safety Specialty Regions: Basic care, geriatrics, pediatrics, and mental and psychiatric care

For the purpose of successfully passing the HESI Exit Exam, it is vital to have a thought of what the exam will be just. Like the HESI Exit Exam is computer-based and contains either 75 or 150 questions depending on whether it may be a HESI RN Exam or a HESI LPN Exam. Most of these questions are planned to form what you think fundamentally as contradicted to basically reviewing truthful data.

You may discover a few sorts of questions on the exam, most of them being multiple-choice. In any case, you’ll discover questions, where there can be one answer to a question, or there can be different answers to that address. You’ll have to rank reply choices or fill in a clear. In case a question requires a calculation, the testing program gives a calculator. At last, you will get to translate charts or distinguish reply choices on a chart.

FAQs about HESI Exam

What is the HESI exam

You’re permitted approximately 6 hours for the purpose of completing all the modules within the HESI A2 exam. Most individuals take less than 4 hours to total the HESI A2 exam. Unless you have got extraordinary lodging, you must total the test on the same day you begin. In case you’ve got double-timed housing, it is obligatory to return the following day for the purpose of completing your test.

Am I allowed to take a break during the HESI exam?

Understudies are permitted to require brief breaks amid the exam for the purpose of using the restroom or to urge a drink of water/nibble. Drinks and food are not permitted within the HESI testing labs but you’ll bring them and take them off in a locker within the Testing Center. Amid HESI breaks, understudies are not permitted to see any type of reference materials, or even utilize the web or check the mail.

Do I need to attend the personality profile & the learning styles HESI A2 exam part?

Yes. These modules have approximately 14-15 questions and don’t influence your appraisal score. There are no redress or inaccurate answers for these modules but completing them may offer assistance scholastic advisors give better counseling should you would like it amid your studying process for the HESI A2 exam.

Is the HESI exam hard?

The HESI exam is considered such a tricky exam for almost all individuals, so it is really necessary for you to prepare well and read carefully every question to come up with the most correct answers. Usually, the HESI can have several tricks to distract you, so please remember to do the test as carefully as possible.

How can I know my HESI exam score?

As you total each module your score for the module will be shown on the most menu screen. Once you complete the HESI exam, it’s possible for you to check your score on any internet-connected computer by logging in to your testing account. Your scores are automatically made available to the Admission Office, it is not required for you to supply your HESI scores to the Health Science.

Do I have to take the modules in order?

There are 8 to 9 required modules within the HESI exam, depending on the program to which you want to enter. You’ll be able to total the modules in any arrangement you’d like. Most modules within the HESI exam have from 30 to 55 questions in total.

How can I study for the HESI exam?

There are numerous studying materials for the HESI exam accessible. The School of Health Science has a few duplicates of the Exam Audit merely can check out and utilize for free. There are other reference books accessible that assist you to consider nursing or wellbeing science entrance exams and a look at the internet or ask at your library give titles. A look at the web will give numerous locales that will assist you to ponder. A few offer HESI exams and test questions.

When do you take the HESI exam? What is allowed to bring on the HESI testing day? 

It is required for you to demonstrate your personality by employing a government-issued identity card such as a passport, SLCC one card, driver’s permit,  or state-issued identity card. The title on the identity card must coordinate the title utilized to create your arrangement and the Evolve account you’ve got set up. The Testing Center will give a calculator and other things you will require for the test. You’ll not be permitted to require any individual things into the testing zone such as your personal calculator, pencils, smartphones, books, or any type of personal assets. There are lockers within the Testing Center where you’ll be able secure things during the process of taking the HESI exam.

How long should I wait to schedule the 2nd-attempt of the HESI exam?

Yes, you may need to wait 14 days from the day you complete your 1st exam until the time you’ll be able to begin your moment endeavor. You’ll be that as it may start the method of planning your moment endeavor as early as you’d like. Amid this time period, you ought to take advantage of the remediation assets provided by Evolve to move forward your score. Your moment endeavor will cover the same themes as the introductory test, but it’ll be a diverse form of the HESI exam and the questions will be different.

When is the HESI exam offered?

This depends on the office that provides the HESI exam you want to take. Begin by checking with your current school or institute to discover in the event that they do the testing at the school or in case they do the testing through a partitioned company. Once you figure out the area, you’ll be able to begin checking their websites for the exact period of time that the test is offered. Please remember that you need to have talked along with your school’s direction counselor before the process of choosing the time to require the HESI exam to guarantee you’re choosing it at the ideal time.

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The answer to “What is the HESI exam?” has been explained fully in the aforementioned page. We hope that the information we have provided will assist you in choosing the most appropriate HESI version, allowing you to begin working as a nursing professor in the US without any difficulties.