Wonderlic test questions

Wonderlic Test Questions: What’s On The Wonderlic Test?

Wonderlic test questions are often considered difficult. What’s on the Wonderlic test and how to pass this test. Let’s begin with us!

Updated at May 18, 2022

Wonderlic is a prestigious exam with a wide range of high-quality questions. In this article, we will provide you with all the Wonderlic test questions as well as tips to ace this exam.

What is the Wonderlic test?

What’s on the Wonderlic test?

The Wonderlic exam, also known as the Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Exam, is administered to prospective employees in order to evaluate their capacity for mental and problem-solving tasks. It is used by a wide range of professions to evaluate a number of abilities, including mathematics, reasoning, and language. Results from standard IQ tests are comparable to those obtained from the Wonderlic exam, which has an average score of around 20, indicating that persons with an average intelligence get this score.

Before signing a contract, professional athletes like those who play in the National Football League (NFL) take Wonderlic tests to evaluate their intelligence, level of motivation, and personality characteristics. Many companies use these same tests during the hiring process as a way to evaluate potential employees. 

When it comes to passing this test, speed is going to play a significant role in the equation. The results of a test could be able to assist hiring organizations to get a better understanding of a candidate’s potential for success in the job, in training, and in education. Students are evaluated in a number of subject areas using the Wonderlic examination, including the following:

  • Vocabulary and verbal reasoning: Some of the questions in this section include reasoning using analogies and synonyms. The directions for the exam can include the task of locating two different proverbs whose meanings are analogous to one another.
  • Problem-solving: When individuals take Wonderlic assessments, they are evaluated not just on their knowledge and skills, but also on how well they can solve problems. The logic tasks on this exam will test your capacity for inductive reasoning as well as your spatial sense.
  • General knowledge: There are a few questions on the test on general topics that need quick thinking, so keep that in mind. In the event that the inquiry is anything along the lines of “what number is the lowest” or “what date is the earliest,” the examination may pose such questions.
  • Word problems: Word problems make up the last section of the Wonderlic test. These word problems are based on the concepts tested earlier in the exam. The amount of skill with which test takers are able to grasp fundamental mathematical concepts such as ratios, averages, and percentages is one of the abilities that is measured by these questions.

How Many Questions Are on the Wonderlic Test?

Wonderlic test questions

The Wonderlic test consists of a total of 50 questions. You will have a total of 12 minutes to provide answers to as many questions as you possibly can. Before job hopefuls show up for their complete examination, a condensed version of the test could be administered to them as a warmup.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest, often known as the WPT-Q, is a condensed version of the full exam that consists of the same kind of questions. The test has been changed such that it consists of 30 questions and 8 minutes, rather than 50 questions and 12 minutes.

Types of Wonderlic Test Questions

What’s on the Wonderlic test? The Wonderlic test is made up of 4 sections:

General Knowledge & Quick Recognition

Twenty percent of the questions on the exam are designed to evaluate your general knowledge and your ability to make snap judgments. These questions might be very simple or quite difficult. This kind of question is challenging because people have a tendency to rush through them and overlook important aspects in the process.

Logic Questions

When you factor in the logic puzzles, the task becomes somewhat more challenging. These questions are designed to test your ability to assess whether or not a statement is true or false given the conditions that are mentioned in the question. In addition to demanding abilities in spatial thinking and manipulation, you will be evaluated on your ability to do so.

Verbal Reasoning (English Grammar)

In the questions on English grammar, you will be asked to determine the meaning of a word as well as its synonym and antonym. There will be a sprinkling of analogies, proverbs, and words that have been messed up throughout.

Word Problems

Word problems are the kind of questions that need the greatest patience to solve. Your mathematical skills will be put to the test with these problems. Instead of using a calculator to answer these problems, which is not allowed, you are allowed to use a pencil and some scratch paper.

How to Ace the Wonderlic Questions?

Wonderlic test questions

If a prospective employer or organization has invited you to take a Wonderlic test, the following are some preparation strategies you might use:

Observe the test’s structure

Prior to taking the exam, it is highly recommended that you get acquainted with the format of the test. You may want to familiarize yourself with the format of the Wonderlic test in order to better prepare for your exam. In addition, having an idea of what will be on the exam will help relieve some of the anxiety associated with taking it. If it has been a while since you last took an exam, taking some practice tests with Wonderlic might be helpful in getting you back into the swing of things in a testing atmosphere.

Is the Wonderlic multiple choice? The test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions altogether. It’s possible that if you’re taking an exam online, you’ll have the option to skip questions and come back to them at a later time. It’s possible that following these rules can help you feel more certain and answer questions more quickly.

Examine yourself by taking a timed practice exam

There is an abundance of access to cost-free Wonderlic practice tests online. On certain examinations, you are given a set amount of time to do the task, whereas, on others, you are free to schedule your own time. Take the test in a very short amount of time, and be sure to practice. The typical test that lasts for 12 minutes and is administered by most companies may be finished in only eight minutes. 

However, there are other shorter variations of the test that can be taken. By practicing how to take a test when time is restricted, you may find that the ticking of the clock becomes less stressful to you in the long run.

Instead of thinking about how much time is left, focus on reading the questions as fast as possible and choose the solution that you think is the best before moving on to the next question. If you find that you are spending an excessive amount of time on a particular topic or set of questions, you have the option of making educated guesses or skipping those questions entirely.

Examine the most related topics

The Wonderlic test evaluates how quickly and accurately you can solve questions including logic, language, and mathematics. If it has been a while since you last studied these topics or took an exam on them, it is highly recommended that you do some more research on them.

Create a plan for evaluating

Exam-taking is a skill that comes naturally to certain people more than others. Exams are known to cause stress for certain individuals. If you’re worried about your performance on tests or haven’t had to do so in a while, it’s a good idea to compile a list of strategies to help you stay focused and collected while you’re taking them. Take into consideration the following choices:

  • Arrive early: You should arrive for the Wonderlic exam at least 15 minutes before the test is scheduled to begin so that you have time to relax and prepare for it. Before the exam, take a few deep breaths and focus on being more aware of your immediate surroundings. This will help you feel more at ease.
  • Prepare: You may improve both your self-confidence and your level of readiness for the examination by taking many practice exams and putting in a lot of effort to study. Having a clear idea of what the test will include can help lessen some of the anxiety you are likely to feel while you are taking it.
  • Take it one question at a time: Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed by challenging questions as they come up during the test. Instead, you should concentrate on answering one question at a time. Let rid of whatever uncertainties you may have and continue searching until you discover a question to which you have an answer.
  • Take your time to read: When taking the Wonderlic test, you may make the most efficient use of your time if you read the questions carefully and comprehend what is being asked of you. Even if you only have a short period of time to respond to a large number of questions. If you read more slowly the first time through, not only will you have a higher chance of retaining the information, but you will also save time when you go back to review questions.

Try to answer questions quickly

Due to the fact that Wonderlic is a timed test, it is essential that you move quickly through the questions in order to get the best possible score. If you only have 12 minutes to respond to 50 questions, the chances of you making it to the end of the test having answered all of the questions correctly are not very good. As a consequence of this, you have to make it a priority to maintain a consistent rate throughout the duration of the test. Examinees are only given a total of around 14 seconds to read and respond to each of the 50 questions in the exam.

If you notice that you are looking at the same question for a significant amount of time, it is best to move on to the next one. It’s possible that you’ll perform better on certain parts of the test than on others, and this will depend on your strengths and limitations. This indicates that even the most basic questions are just as significant as the most complex ones. 

Your overall score will improve since you will have a higher probability of correctly answering more fundamental questions. If there is time remaining at the end of the exam, you will be given the opportunity to retake the test and answer any questions that you skipped.


The first thing you should do is get in as much practice as you can before the test. You could feel more at ease with the timed component of the test if you put in some practice. You may construct test-taking routines that get your mind ready for certain types of questions and get you ready to go quickly through the test by following these routines. 

You could also find that taking Wonderlic practice test helps you determine the subject areas in which you need to focus more of your attention on studying. If, for instance, you have no trouble with the vocabulary questions, but you are having trouble with the arithmetic word problems, you can try concentrating your attention more on ratios and fractions rather than on proverbs and analogies.


It is common practice to administer the Wonderlic to job candidates in order to evaluate their level of particular aptitudes and cognitive skills. Before you go in for the exam, you should make it a point to find out what the typical score is for individuals who work in your industry. Make it a goal to get a score that is higher than the national average for your profession. 

If you are considering a career in nursing, for instance, you should investigate the typical performance levels of nursing students on standardized tests. If the average result on the test is 46 percent, you should make it a goal to get at least 47 percent on the exam you are taking.


On the Wonderlic test, guessing incorrect answers does not result in a penalty. If you don’t know the answer to the question you’re searching for, it’s probably best to make an educated estimate rather than just leave it unanswered. If you don’t have enough time, it could be tough to go back and answer the questions that you didn’t know the answers to before you ran out of time. This is the one drawback to using this strategy.

There is always the opportunity of guessing, which is an alternative to skipping questions, but doing so will result in you getting the question incorrect. Even though the results of this strategy will not be an accurate indication of your knowledge, using it might help you enhance your score and increase your chances of obtaining the job.


Wonderlic test questions

Even if you have a poor performance on the exam, it does not indicate that you are not intelligent. There are a lot of different factors that might end up determining your ultimate grade. You may have test anxiety, the exam could have been given in a language other than your mother tongue, or you could have been overtired on the day of the test. These are just some of the potential reasons why you could have performed poorly. 

Keep in mind that even if you don’t acquire the job due to the outcome of the test, there are plenty of other firms that may recognize the unique qualities and intelligence that you bring to the table. Remember that the exam is not a measurement of your value as a person, the IQ of a person, or your value as an employee.

Review Fractions

There are many question categories on the Wonderlic that cover a broad variety of subjects, including logic, spatial identification, and verbal reasoning. Nonetheless, a substantial portion of the exam consists of mathematical word problems. A significant chunk of these word problems will test your fractions knowledge. Since you will not have access to a calculator for the exam, it is beneficial to practice fraction operations. On a Wonderlic test, a question involving fractions may look as follows:

A high-speed train may cover 25 feet in a third of a second. The train will have moved __?_ feet in 4 seconds.

  1. 210
  2. 240
  3. 270
  4. 300
  5. 350

This challenge is quite similar to one that often occurs on the Wonderlic, which likes ratio problems. Review multiplication and division of fractions to prepare for these problems. In addition, the use of the “get to one” strategy, which simplifies problem-solving in the shortest amount of time, makes these issues substantially easier to solve.

Review Proverbs

The proverb questions on the Wonderlic test are among the most challenging. A proverb is a brief statement intended to impart knowledge to the listener. In some Wonderlic questions, you will be given a selection of five proverbs and asked to choose two that have similar meanings. Below is one of the Wonderlic example questions:

Two of the proverbs below have similar meanings. Which ones are they, exactly?

  1. Rome was not built in a single day.
  2. Fortune favors daring individuals.
  3. Birds of the same feather flock together.
  4. While in Rome, imitate the local customs.
  5. Attach the trailer to a star.

Knowing English proverbs may assist you in answering these questions; but, if you encounter one or more that you are unfamiliar with, try to transform each proverb into a phrase that is more often used. The correct answers to this question are B and E.

Wonderlic test questions can be considered difficult to several extents, but we believe that in case you’ve got enough preparation and practice, you can completely ace this exam.