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7 Best Security Plus Study Material You Should Consider

In this article, we will give you the top Security plus study material that can help you ace the CompTIA Security+ exam. Let’s get started right now!

Updated at March 14, 2023

In order to pass the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, quality Security plus study materials are necessary. The test is designed to verify a candidate’s knowledge of security and cybersecurity topics as well as their ability to carry out security-related tasks, set up and manage systems, troubleshoot problems as they arise, and identify, alleviate, monitor, and distinguish security hazards.

CompTIA (which shorts for Information Technology Certifications & Training) actually advises obtaining both the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications in order to gain the necessary organizational and specialized skills when pursuing the Security+ certification. Also, candidates for the CompTIA Security+ certification should have at least two years of experience working in a security-focused role in an IT business. 

Let’s get started with our free CompTIA Security+ practice test so you can ace the test the first time around.

Choosing the Right Study Material

Security plus study material

Having effective and suitable Security plus study material is important when planning for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. But a speedy Google look will surrender thousands of CompTIA Security+ certification exam preparation materials, so choosing the correct one can be an overwhelming challenge. For the purpose of choosing the most high-quality Security plus study material picks, I inspected materials suggested by CompTIA, as well as Security plus study material that addresses the specialized and organizing aptitudes required for both the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+  accreditations and study material that center on the CompTIA Security+ credential or associated cybersecurity points.

At long last, we checked the Amazon smash hit rankings and surveys. Underneath you’ll discover my five beat picks, which incorporate study material for CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+ together with a top-notch piece on hacking. These study guides will provide you with an extraordinary establishment as you completely get ready for your CompTIA Security+ certification exam.

Best CompTIA Security plus study material

Official CompTIA Security+ Study Guide (used for CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam – version SY0-501) 

At the best of the list is the Official CompTIA Security+ Study Guide. Not only is it embraced by CompTIA, but it’s the Security plus study material created by information technology (IT) Certifications & Training for this exam. The CompTIA Security+ book includes all the CompTIA Security+ exam destinations and incorporates survey questions at the conclusion of each unit so you’ll test your ability on your own.

This CompTIA Security+ certification guide is accessible in an eBook organized from the CompTIA store. At a cost of exactly $149 USD, it’s a great bargain pricier than the other Security plus study material we suggest here, but who better to plan you for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam than its maker?

Official CompTIA Security+ Study Guide (used for CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam – version SY0-501)  offers priceless arrangements for Exam SY0-501. Composed by a master creator group, this book covers 100% of the CompTIA Security+ exam destinations with clear, brief clarification. You’ll learn how to handle dangers, assaults, and vulnerabilities utilizing industry-standard apparatuses and advances whereas understanding the part of engineering and plan. 

From ordinary errands like character and get the administration to complex themes like chance administration and cryptography, these CompTIA Security+ study guides make a difference in solidifying your information base in planning for the Security+ exam.  Commonsense illustrations outline how these forms play out in real-world scenarios, permitting you to promptly decipher basic concepts to on-the-job applications.

You moreover pick up the Sybex online learning environment, which highlights a strong toolkit for more careful preparation: flashcards, a glossary of key terms, CompTIA Security+ certification practice exam questions, and a pre-assessment exam prepare you with everything you wish to enter.

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CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, 7th edition

Strong organizing abilities are basic for CompTIA Security+ experts — so basic, in truth, that CompTIA suggests the Arrange+ credential as a prerequisite for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. Mike Meyers is recognized industry-wide as the go-to specialist for planning for the CompTIA A+, the CompTIA Network+, and the CompTIA Security+ certification exams. 

His CompTIA Network+ guide incorporates a wide range of interesting knowledge areas, such as intuitively hands-on lab recreations, free video preparation, real-world illustrations, pre-assessments, and hundreds of CompTIA Security+ certification practice questions that are valuable when looking for either the CompTIA Network+ or the CompTIA Security+ credential. A number-one blockbuster, this Security plus study material is accessible on several e-com websites such as Amazon in hardcover for about $44.70 or as an Ignite eBook for a fee of just $33.26.

Free CompTIA Security+ Practice Test by ABC E-learning | Passemall

Our free SY0-601 CompTIA Security+ practice tests are designed to help you pass this exam. Let’s fulfill your knowledge with our actual questions and answers to get ready for your exam!

Our CompTIA Security+ practice tests provide 1000+ FREE practice questions and various simulator tests. Each question is given based on the official tests and attached with a detailed explanation. Detailed explanations will let you know why an option was correct and the others were not. The exam simulators let you familiarize yourself with the test format and get 100% ready for your big day!

The practice course is divided into 5 topics according to the domain of CompTIA Security+:

  • Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
  • Architecture and Design
  • Implementation
  • Operations and Incident Response
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Practicing these 5 domains will help you have an overview, thereby identifying which topic is suitable for you. From that, you can focus all your attempts on that topic to exploit your all potential. The learning process was divided into small milestones, helping you understand your learning progress, and thereby adjusting to achieve your desired goals.

Just enter your test date, and a study plan will be set up for you. A clear schedule brings you more value than you can imagine.

Remember that a clear schedule brings more value than you can imagine, therefore, we bring the feature that you just need to enter your test date, and a study plan will be set up for you. From that, helping you to clearly define the route, then follow the perfect plan to achieve high results.

You can practice on both website and mobile app which is available on both android and ios.

On website

If you wish to practice on our website, there aren’t any requirements about account register, usernames, or passwords. You just practice then all your progress is saved if you close your browser. In addition, you can browse to study on any device vary from your phone to tablet and PC. Let’s keep staying any time to get more knowledge!

To make the learning process easy and less boring, we provide games to help you learn while having fun, thereby easily acquiring and remembering knowledge longer. 

On application

With the mobile application, you may study anywhere at any time without an Internet connection. This feature creates an opportunity for you to fill your leisure time by cultivating knowledge, thereby equipping yourself with solid luggage to pass the upcoming exam.

In our course, the 3 features – weak, medium, and strong questions will help you clearly determine which area you should work harder on. Accompanied by 3 different test modes with increased difficulty levels let you experience the test in a very exciting way.

Looking at the screen for a long time may cause eyestrain. Don’t worry about it as we provide the dark mode feature which is beautiful and able to ease your eyes, which supports you studying for a longer time.

If you are too busy to remember the time to study for keeping up with your study plan, just customize your study reminder to receive a notification at any time you want. This will help you remember the time to study and avoid dropping out of your plan.

Don’t hesitate to take practice tests on our website and mobile app right now. Standing at the top with even hundreds of thousands of visits and application downloads, we are confident to position ourselves as the leading unit providing users with the most effective learning facilities. We not only give users the most in-depth knowledge but also help them pass the exam easily, and achieve their goals.

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CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead

Darril Gibson, the creator of that kind of study material, set an ambitious target for himself after a 22-year Navy employment dealing with electronics. He made the conscious decision to devote his life to writing study materials of service to others. More than 40 books have been published as a result of his work since then. The SY0-601 goals are covered in this text, as well as the components that made prior editions so popular.

Each of the 11 parts provides subjects in a faster and easier way and offers real-world examples of security concepts in operation. The author employs much of the same comparisons and justifications that he perfected in the classroom that have helped hundreds of students learn the Security+ curriculum.

With this study material, you’ll learn the most critical and significant security subjects for the Security+ certification test without becoming bogged down in superfluous details. The Exam Topic Review section at the end of each chapter helps you concentrate on what matters most. To prepare for the exam, you’ll find over 300 practice problems and detailed explanations in this study material. Exam practice questions are included at the conclusion of each chapter as a comprehensive study guide.

This resource, which is free and available to all skill levels, will help you learn more about Security+ and prepare you for the test. It’s time to go to work honing your career’s edge with this study material from Amazon.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Exam Cram

Security plus study material

Written by Marty Weiss, CompTIA® Security+ SY0-601 Exam Cram is the ideal study tool for passing the revised CompTIA Security+ certification exam. It covers all test topics and includes practice questions. Preparation aids like quizzes, exam notifications, and our critical Cram Sheet are available. Marty has devoted most of his professional life to the fields of information security and risk management, where he has worked with several multinational corporations.

At the University of Maryland University College, he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer studies, and he completed an MBA at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is a CISSP, CISA, and Security+ certified professional. Everything you need to understand for the Security+ SY0-601 test is covered in this book, which would include:

  • A thorough understanding of security risks and vulnerabilities in many contexts, including conventional, cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT), is critical.
  • Explanation and implementation of safety precautions for a variety of settings
  • Operations and security events are identified, analyzed, and addressed in a timely manner.
  • Understand and communicate governance, risk, and compliance concepts.

Marty made certain the following was attained in the book in order to assist you to become far more ready to manage the test:

  • Correct and wrong responses are explained in detail.
  • Numerous ways to evaluate
  • The order of the questions and answers is completely arbitrary.
  • Each current Security+ test objective is covered in detail.

If you want to pass the revised CompTIA Security+ test, author Marty has already done the difficult labor. Just make use of this resource and benefit from his knowledge and experience. Everything is set up so that you may take advantage of and enjoy it. Amazon has a link below that you may use to buy this for your own library.

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CompTIA Security+ All-in-One Exam Guide, Fifth Edition

Take the most recent adaptation of the CompTIA Security+ certification exam with total certainty utilizing the point-by-point data contained in this exceedingly viable self-study framework. Composed by a group of driving data security specialists, this definitively direct addresses the abilities required for securing a arrange and overseeing hazard and empowers you to end up with CompTIA Security+ certification

The CompTIA Security+ All-in-One Exam Guide, Fifth Edition (used for CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam – version SY0-501) includes all CompTIA Security+ exam spaces and highlights more than 200 precise CompTIA Security+ practice questions. For the purpose of supporting your studying process, the study material highlights learning goals at the start of each chapter, exam tips, CompTIA Security+ practice exam questions, and in-depth clarifications.

All questions reflect those on the live test in arranging, style, format, and trouble. Past completely planning you for the challenging SY0-501 exam, this Security plus study material also serves as a vital on-the-job reference for IT experts. An Amazon best-seller, this Security plus study material is sensibly estimated at a mere $35 for either the hardcover or even the online (Kindle) version.

CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide (Exams 220-1001 and 220-1002), 10th edition

In the year 2019, CompTIA discharged the most up-to-date version of the CompTIA A+ certification exam with an extended center on pattern security aptitudes. The CompTIA A+ Certification study guide, the tenth version addresses all the modern exam destinations and incorporates numerous A+ practice questions, performance-based recreations, and free video preparation. The hardcover version CompTIA A+ Certification study guide is accessible for pre-order presently for about $41.41 and incorporates a target discharge date of 2019. In case you can’t hold up, the more seasoned Ninth Version is accessible presently.

This top-rated on-the-job reference and test arrangement have been completely changed for the most up-to-date 2019 CompTIA A+ certification exam targets. This completely reexamined and overhauled asset offers the total scope of the most recent discharge of CompTIA A+ certification exams Core 1 (220-1001) & Core 2 (220-1002). You’ll discover learning goals at the start of each chapter, tips for the A+ exam, CompTIA A+ certification practice exam questions, and in-depth clarifications. Outlined to assist you in effectively passing the CompTIA A+ certification exams with ease, this conclusive direct moreover serves as a fundamental on-the-job IT reference.

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition

This Security plus study material investigates IT vulnerabilities through the eyes of the programmer. You’ll learn the specialized points of interest of how programmers misuse messy programming and utilize C programming and Linux situations to outflank security measures, divert activity, split scrambled remote activity, and much more. Composed by security pro and cryptologist Jon Erickson, this Security plus study material gives an awesome diagram of arranged communications, hacking procedures, machine design, and programming.

This is considered a serious, intensive, and greatly well-written Security plus study material that can take you from essential hacking concepts to the building you possess security code in a surprisingly brief time. It is likely the finest book to study in case you need a careful understanding of different hacking procedures, particularly in case you know sufficient approximately programming to put a few of what you learn into hone — not for hacking, but to utilize the same aptitudes for powerlessness testing and the same information for securing your organization. This Security plus study material reliably gives clear, point by point, clarifications.

In 8 chapters of this Security plus study material, it lays the foundation for understanding the fundamental strategies of hacking (distinguishing and misusing shortcomings in sent code) and follow through with points of interest on how particular imperfections lead to particular assaults. The creator of this study guide moreover presents exceptionally valuable countermeasures — those that distinguish abuses and those that avoid them. It is accessible on several e-com websites such as Amazon in softcover or as an Arouse eBook for around $30.

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How to Choose the Right Study Materials?

Security plus study material

Syllabus covering

The Security plus study material you utilize ought to have all the data contained within the syllabus. Before the process of selecting a specific reading material or PDF to study, go through your Security+ programs. Cross-check in case each theme within the syllabus has been secured by the Security plus study material you have got chosen. Usually not a need, but it would be less demanding for you as an educator as well as an understudy to utilize a single source.

This makes it less demanding, but sometimes the syllabus is as well endless to have in one put. In any case, that being said, most reading material at school and college levels have all the data you would like in one put, so it won’t be exceptionally troublesome.

Dialect plays a really vital part in educating and learning. The Security plus study material you select must be such that it is simple to get it. You might have already seen this wonder within the public domain – a parcel of individuals for the most part prefer employing a textbook composed by an Indian creator instead of an outside creator. This is often since the Indian creator will have a thought regarding how Indians think and act collectively and so utilize straightforward down-to-earth dialect that interfaces with individuals are easier.

Content density

In case you’re seeking out Security plus study material, chances are you’re trying to find it to break an exam or clear your formal instruction. Hence, attempt to discover Security plus study material that has the proper amount of content for that reason. This might appear irrational at first – why would you want to lessen the sum of the substance you ponder in case it could be a competitive exam? In any case, on the contrary, this really makes a difference since it ensures that you just don’t squander your time considering points that are out of the syllabus and instead just center on what is required.

Visual aid

Attempt to utilize Security plus study material that features a parcel of pictorial representation of what you’re examining or educating. For illustration, in case the subject is science, there is a parcel of things that has to be visualized just like the inside organs, creatures, plants, magnifying lens tests, etc. It not only supports the readers in getting the concept better but also supports keeping in mind the same way better.


Each reading material that’s in steady circulation will discharge more current upgraded forms of them. This altar is provoked within the syllabus from time to time. Before choosing your suitable Security plus study material, let’s ensure that you are following the Security plus study material that’s up to date with the most recent syllabus and has all of the data you need.

Accuracy of information

The Security plus study material you select ought to have the foremost precise data on the subject you’re examining or educating. Instructors can depict the distinction as they have more encounters in their respective areas and thus can make the correct choice. In any case, all understudies as well as a few recently designated instructors would require a few to offer assistance in deciding which Security plus study material would be best for their instructing and learning experience.

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Content optimization

Individuals keep in mind what they learn superiorly when they begin with a diagram of what they have to consider before the process of starting their studying and preparing procedure. Substance optimization is vital when it comes to choosing Security plus study material since it makes a difference for the understudies and instructors to get a clear cut picture of how to go about learning or instructing the substance. The Security plus study material must subsequently be optimized in such a way that the substance is part into coherent divisions reasonable by the peruser so that the concept is effectively understood.

Brand name 

The brand title of the book is always considered one of the foremost basic variables. Usually primarily since the brand may be a degree of quality. In case the brand is celebrated, at that point, this implies that the Security plus study material is nice and is believed by numerous understudies. This, in turn, also implies that in case the understudy looking for Security plus study material employed this brand, at that point he can be successful. In case the brand isn’t exceptionally celebrated, at that point, it is demonstrative of the truth that there may be a few blame within the Security plus study material, and utilizing the book can be unsafe for the students.

Quality of the student

The quality of the student is another calculation that should be kept in mind while choosing the Security plus study material. This can be basically since there are Security plus study material accessible for each kind of student. A frail understudy ought to utilize materials that are basic to get it. Usually, fundamentally a basic Security plus study material will offer assistance to him to get the different concepts, hypotheses, etc.

A great understudy, on the other hand, ought to utilize Security plus study material having harder substance. Usually basically since a basic Security plus study material will diminish his efficiency. Subsequently, he will not be prepared for harder questions. In this way, the nature of the student is a fundamental calculation that should be remembered when choosing Security plus study material.

Learning retention optimization

Contemporary learning writing reports that individuals hold more when they at first have a much better understanding of the high-level concepts – the Enormous Picture – before the process of going into Security plus study material mode. Security plus study material that makes it simple to get the layout ahead of time and how the diverse parts are interconnected will really assist you in more effectively storing what you study.

Security plus study materials set up by a company attempting to make a buck will basically dump data into an aimless format, resulting in a hopeless preparation. Believe us, we’ve seen them! They will cripple your pace and come up short to assist you to interface the dabs. Indeed in the event that materials contain all the required data, an awful organization can make holding it about impossible.

Get materials that are accurately worded and carefully refined just like the exam, so simply can move productively through them. There’s a gigantic sum of territory to cover in planning for this exam, so in case the study materials make it less demanding, that will in turn progress your capacity to maximize your time and be fruitful. User-friendliness, coherence, organization, and care make a colossal distinction in your 200 hours of preparation time. You don’t need to endure since your materials were carelessly composed and thought out.

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Above are some of the best Security Plus study material you can find, along with some advice on how to pick a decent book. Keep this handy if you want to study effectively and get ready for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam.