CompTIA A+ Resume

What Should Be Done To Perfect Your CompTIA A+ Resume?

This article will provide you with tips for the CompTIA A+ resume that can help you make an impression with the hiring manager. Let’s follow!

Updated at March 14, 2023

The HR professionals only need 30 seconds to scan your CompTIA A+ resume and determine whether or not they need to give it a closer look. A well-formatted, simple-to-read CV is essential to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to delve deeper into the specifics of your experience. But, how a resume is organized and formatted is quite subjective and largely based on the position you’re applying for.

Our academics screen hundreds of resumes each week in their capacity as commercial advancement managers. They have many suggestions to help your resume be given a more thorough review. Enrollment specialists are looking for applicants with skill sets that are specific to the requirements of their contracting manager because IT recruiting is so specialized. The length of your resume will largely be determined by your experience in the relevant field. One page should be plenty for those with less than five years of experience in the IT industry. Applicants with 20 years of experience, such as managers, executives, or those with doctorates, may have a four-page resume because they will need to highlight their advancement, publications, and individual accomplishments.

The best resume-writing advice is to highlight the distinctive qualities of each position you held while emphasizing similar IT-related experiences. Remember that having an IT career is no justification for a shoddy resume when writing your own.

We provide thousands of free CompTIA A+ practice test questions on this website to assist users at the entry-level of the IT industry in improving their resumes by adding a globally recognized A+ certification.

Start with a Strong Introduction

CompTIA A+ Resume

IT-related positions often require a particular set of specialized aptitudes – and the work posting will tell you which aptitudes the manager is seeking out for. Make it clear at the beginning of your resume merely to have those abilities (such as arranging to investigate, C++, or security analytics), or else, you likely will not even be chosen to attend the interview round. 

Your personal resume is the most effective method to illustrate that you have enough ability and skill to take charge of the work. There are two resumes that by and large work best for individuals working in the IT field, and they’re called career targets and capabilities summaries.

  • Career Goals

A career goal is considered an effective introduction for recent graduates, fresher, career changers, and everybody who has just a little professional IT-associated experience. Utilize your career objective to highlight what work-related abilities you bring to the company. In three to four sentences, summarize what qualifies you for the specific work. Let’s ensure that you remember to incorporate your add-up to a long time of important encounters and any role-related degrees or certifications you hold. Below is an example:

IT executive with 8+ years of proficient encounter in data security and computerized forensics. IT skills in a wide assortment of working frameworks, combining Windows 7, 8, and 10; Windows Server version 2016, 2019, and 2024, proficient in  Arch, CentOS, Ubuntu, Kali, BackTrack, and Debian. Have an associate’s degree in data security and advanced forensics.

  • Qualifications Summary

A capabilities rundown works best for experts with several years of involvement. As the title recommends, a rundown of capabilities could be a summary-style resume that places your IT capabilities in one central area. Employing a bulleted list makes you emphasize and highlight your most significant work encounter, aptitudes, and achievements at the top of your personal resume.

Is there something you’ve achieved that you do not need the potential manager to miss? Let’s put it here and highlight it. Enrollment specialists and enlisting directors certainly skim resumes, but they’re more likely to retain the data they examined. Below is an example:

  • IT manager with 10+ years of experience in IT analyzing
  • Managed an organizational budget of $1,8 million
  • Exceeded the KPI by 55%

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Use More Action Verbs

In your work involvement area, each work title ought to be taken after by bullet focuses portraying your achievements from that work. And each of this bullet focuses ought to start with a solid activity verb emphasizing the significance of those accomplishments. 

Below are several activity verbs that commonly apply to IT work merely can utilize in your personal resume:

  • Administration skill
  • Critical thinking
  • Analyzing
  • Implementing
  • Leadership

Sample CompTIA A+ Resume

Let’s check out these samples of action verbs that are utilized in an IT-associated resume (in both bold as well as italics below):

Sample IT Resume

Measure Your Relevant Work Achievements

Don’t forget to add measurements related to your work execution in your resume (or even in your cover letter) that fortify your chances of landing work interviews. Such information is particularly vital to incorporate in an IT-associated resume — you’re in a specialized field, so including numbers repeats your specialized capability.

It is possible that you can also measure your achievements to form them more noteworthy to hiring managers. Evaluation lets you illustrate how you not only accomplished some goals but how well you accomplished them.

Below is a particular example of what we mean:

  • Without measurements: “Developed interactive IT website”
  • With measurements: “Developed interactive IT website that increased sales by 33%”

Add Your IT Certifications and Awards 

Grants and IT certifications provide you with validity. By counting them in your resume, you can illustrate to your potential managers that you’re able so that industry specialists esteem your work and approve your skills.

IT-associated certifications, such as those which are advertised by CompTIA, demonstrate to managers merely having the skills they’re searching for. Creating CompTIA certifications may be a thorough preparation that includes industry specialists, counting IT experts, and enlisting directors, to create beyond any doubt that the certifications meet the requests of the IT workforce. In case a hiring manager isn’t commonplace with one of your IT certifications, it is still possible for you to utilize the exam destinations to clarify what abilities are secured and how they apply to your IT position.

Keep in mind that the workshops you’ve gone to, certificates you’ve earned, and courses you’ve taken exterior of the conventional school framework still tally as certification. Incorporate on your personal resume all pertinent workshops and coursework that you’ve completed in a classroom or online in case you’ve got the space. Several awards that you earned in college stage, as well, but take off off grants and certifications you got in tall school unless they’re recently achieved or particularly impressive in your field.

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List Your Related Skills

CompTIA A+ Resume

Most hiring managers utilize the ATS (which stands for the applicant tracking system) program for the purpose of acknowledging and handling work applications. The ATS looks at resumes for certain catchphrases and expressions and after that isolates the promising resumes from the insignificant ones.

Since you’re in an exceedingly specialized field, potential managers will utilize the ATS program for the purpose of weeding out resumes of individuals who can’t show the specialized information required for the work. Combining specialized keywords makes a difference for your resume to make it past the ATS and to be looked at by the hiring managers (note that numerous of those catchphrases will be on the work posting). A few enlisting supervisors incorporate the names of CompTIA certifications – such as CompTIA A+ – as a keyword to distinguish among resumes.

Devote a particular segment to a computer or IT abilities, at that point fill it with every single significant ability you have got. This aptitude segment ought to list each security apparatus, computer program package, operating framework and organizational setup simply have encountered. Utilize the work posting as a direct form to ensure you’re utilizing the same terms as the employer.

In case you’re applying for a position that requires fabulous soft skills, such as a project director or team manager, don’t forget to list those as well. Soft skills allude to your non-technical abilities that keep things running easily, such as interpersonal skills and leadership skills.

Your Next Step

Even in case you’ve got total work security, it’s continuously a great thought to keep your resume new and prepared to go because you never know when a much better and improved opportunity might come to you. With an up-to-date resume, you’ll rapidly apply to the culmination of IT work when it presents itself.

Other tips

Keep it Brief if possible 

Summarize your specialized involvement and remain on point and pertinent to what your objective is. Here’s a brief and sweet case for an IT benefit supplier with wide experience:

  • A goal-oriented executive with broad computer, gadgets, mechanical, and client benefit abilities. Profoundly organized with the capacity to oversee different ventures and meet due dates. A solid work ethic combined with a commitment to brilliance in all ventures attempted.

That’s not the only choice for you, of course. This case tells the hiring manager precisely what you’ve done at the starting and makes your hiring manager need to study more:

  • Executive Profile: Project Management Professional (or PMP). Over 10 years of specialized involvement in Program Administration, Extend Administration, Data Affirmation, Data Security, Certification and Accreditation, Fiasco Recuperation Arranging, Hazard Administration, Chance Examination, Ceaseless Checking, Helplessness Appraisals, Danger Appraisals, Occurrence Reaction Arranging, Alter Arrangement Administration, Security Engineering Investigation and Security Compliance.
  • Qualification Highlights: Give security Program and Venture Administration to USDA, an organization of over 30 organizations and 800 systems, take charge of managing the Data Confirmation Program for DOD’s biggest travel platform, comprising over 4 million users, navigating through different DISA CCRI, GAO, and OIG/FISMA reviews.

Keep it Clear

During the process of creating your resume, clearly state your instruction, certifications and equipment, and program proficiencies. Don’t make the hiring manager need to look through numerous positions to find them. By doing so, enrollment specialists can effectively distinguish if you have got what they or their client is seeking out. For example:

  • Education: 12/1099 – 06/2001 XYZ College, Associate of Applied Science Degree, PC Professor
  • Certifications: Project Management Professional certification, Certified Contracting Officer Representative, CompTIA Network+ Certification, Hewlett-Packard Certifications, and the Xerox Printer Certifications.
  • Hardware Systems: Skilled in hardware analysis, Software Systems, Proficient in networks and programs.
  • Technical Experience: McAfee Policy Auditor, Network Access Control, Sonicwall IPSec/SSL VPN, McAfee Asset Baseline Monitor, Cisco PIX/ASA/IOS Firewalls, Juniper/SSL VPN/Sonicwall IPSec, McAfee Policy Auditor RSA Security, McAfee Host Based Security System.
  • Citizenship: Canadian

One and Done

During the process of creating descriptions for your work experience, let’s avoid being repetitive. Incorporate what was one of a kind to each position. Incorporate numbers when conceivable, such as the number of units introduced, clients upheld, dollars spared the company, income produced, and benefit edges. This is often a particular case:

  • Professional Experience: 11-2008-Present: COMPANY ABC, New York
  • Network Security Administrator: Taking charge of updating, installing, and troubleshooting different types of LAN/WAN devices, combining applications, software, program, Dell/EMC SAN,  BigIP Cisco switches, and wireless/wired devices. Besides, taking charge of developing a strategic plan for LAN/WAN projects for upgrading, maintaining network backups, and network patches.
  • Key Projects & Achievements: Participating with gathered individuals we actualized Dynamic Catalog Alliance Administrations in our arrange for State accomplice logins. Besides, also upgrading the stack balancer environment from end-of-life F5 LTM equipment to F5 3600 arrangement LTMs


Below is a great illustration of the utilization of numbers and highlighting the uniqueness of each venture:

  • Technical Site Lead: Participating in a portion of a group charged with conveying modern computer frameworks for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney all through the Northwestern states. Directing administration of groups of up to 7 to introduce up to 120 units during evening hours. Coordinated sending, setting up, and testing with inaccessible regulatory support. Providing onsite back and preparing for all clients the day taking after the completed arrangement.

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A Rundown of Key Things to Put on Your Resume

Here’s a rundown of what people should put on their resumes: 

  • Let’s list what you really fulfilled, instead of fair the work obligations replicated & stuck from the work depiction – it’s incredible in case you’ll utilize numbers (for example “improved organizational revenue by $ABC in A months”). Similarly, let’s describe in detail the advantages or results of your previous project in the most active language.
  • Consider making your resume more like a marketing flyer, than a boring list of bullet points if it’s appropriate for the industry you’re applying in (for marketing roles, obviously, or any other creative roles that require an imagination). Otherwise, probably best to keep the language simple and avoid fancy colors and designs if you’re in industries like finance, law, accounting, etc.
  • Consider making your personal resume more like a showcasing flyer, than a boring list of bullet focuses on the off chance that it’s suitable for the industry you’re applying in (for showcasing parts, clearly, or any other inventive parts that require a creative ability). 
  • Online resume templates frequently give up space or make your resume difficult to be examined by the hiring manager, so it may be superior to sort into a plain Word archive from scratch.
  • Introduce your personal resume to somebody who can alter it for meaningfulness and typos or somebody within the industry who can exhort you on trending dialect, keywords, and other wanted abilities. And edit your CV at different times! (spelling botches seem to be exceptionally amateurish)
  • Customize your personal resume for each position so that it focuses significantly on the work you’re applying for are included, and make beyond any doubt your resume incorporates all important watchwords for the particular work you’re applying for.
  • It’s generally suggested to limit your personal resume to 1-2 pages.
  • Adding a one-sentence of opening (maybe your preferred quote, your significant career goals, or just everything you want – but remember it should be related to your applied position)
  • Avoid cliches in your resume.
  • Review personal resumes of several leaders or people who achieved high results in your industry – you can find lots of resumes via several platforms such as LinkedIn.

The overview of how to improve your CompTIA A+ resume is provided above. Keep your CV updated and current because it might be a living document of your professional experience. Be certain that it accurately represents who you are and your skill set. Be descriptive and use quantifiable numbers to demonstrate your abilities. All the best to you!