What can I do with A+ Certification?

What Can I Do With A+ Certification? [2022 Ultimate Guide]

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January 1, 2022

What can I do with A+ Certification?

What can I do with A+ certification” is the concern of most people having the CompTIA A+ certification. Completing the CompTIA A+ certification exam with a remarkable score is always the dream of almost all test-takers who want to work in the IT field. Almost all candidates have to spend a great deal of time on the training and preparation process for the purpose of passing this exam. However, after receiving the result, not everyone exactly knows which are the next steps as well as how to take advantage of this certification. Therefore, in the following, we will provide you with several effective steps after you complete this exam.

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What can I do with A+ Certification?

Determine things that are available for you

In a perfect world, you looked into this or talked to your manager before you sat for and earned your CompTIA A+. However, in case not, it is possible for you to begin with step likely seeing into whether your boss (accepting that you’re working in a specialized work) gives a reward or raise for the CompTIA certifications earned, or whether they will repay you for the A+ exam fees presently that you’ve passed. Many bosses will happily pay for a CompTIA A+ certification exam in the event that you pass, and a few do have a few sorts of reward structures. Be beyond any doubt that in the event that you don’t inquire, you don’t get.

Either way, in case you are working, it’s likely a great thought to tell your boss that you’re presently certified, as that lets them know you’re taking your career truly, which you likely have more work choices presently than you did before you were certified. Remember that telling your boss about your achievements is a right you deserve. It not only shows seriousness at work but is also a big plus for your promotion in the future. Even if you consider the CompTIA A+ certification not to be an important exam, it will still positively affect your position or your managers’ perception of your qualifications.

Add the CompTIA A+ certification to your resume

As long as you pass the exam with a satisfying score, one of the most important steps you should begin with is to add the CompTIA A+ to your resume and include the certification in your list of accreditations. The CompTIA A+ certification can also give you the choice to include an A+ identification on your CV in case you lean toward having that reality as well. I don’t know how much managers do or don’t take note of the identification, so it’s likely fair something you should do on the off chance that you’re feeling like it.

Including the CompTIA A+ certification to your CV features a decent side advantage. There’s something truly capable of seeing your certification in composing on the same page as your title. And by adding the CompTIA A+ certification to your CV, you’ll be able to dodge potentially sending your CV out to an employer afterward and possibly that the CompTIA A+ certification isn’t recorded there.

In case you are a newbie and have absolutely no real experience in the IT field, adding the CompTIA A+ certification to your CV will give you a competitive edge over other candidates. Even if that candidate has some experience in IT, you, with the CompTIA A+ certification, still have a good chance of being selected by employers. That’s because they see you’re having the CompTIA A+ certification as a testament to your dedication and effort, and make sure it’s easier and more rewarding to train you with the real tasks.

Add the CompTIA A+ certification to your profile

Updating the CompTIA A+ certification to your profile is also an effective way to “advertise” yourself. It’s like announcing to the world that you have the CompTIA A+ certification and that you are qualified to take charge of IT-related jobs. Your profile can be uploaded on numerous platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. These platforms are becoming really powerful headhunting tools that HR specialists can take advantage of to seek potential candidates.

In fact, a large number of cyber security professionals have been found and successfully recruited through LinkedIn. In other words, in case you have a dream of getting into cyber security, you need a profile on the Internet. It won’t take long to create your own profile, so get started on it now.

Give yourself some relaxing time

Examining for and passing any certification may be a parcel of work. It takes a few weeks or indeed a few months of dedicated, centered study. One of the most excellent things you’ll be able to do for yourself to dodge burnout is to require many weeks off after you win your certification. Don’t plunge right in and start examining for another certification unless you have got the work necessary to meet or you’re feeling truly energized to move on to another subject. For the foremost portion, I suggest that individuals arrange on winning one certification every six months, which suggests you’ll be able to manage a small downtime before you jump right back in.

Find chances to apply your CompTIA A+ knowledge

It’s vital to maintain a strategic distance from getting to be somebody who is only paper certified. Together with your A+ certification, you really ought to work to discover an opportunity where you’ll be able to apply and approve your CompTIA A+ information. Having this extra hands-on encounter, which can be included in your continue, may be an extraordinary supplement to your certification.

In case you’re as of now working within the cyber security or IT field, great for you. Ideally, your work relates in a few ways to the CompTIA A+ fabric which your manager recognizes and appreciates your certification. In case you currently are not working within the field yet, use this opportunity as a recently CompTIA A+ certified proficient to seek an opportunity to construct a few involvements and approve and apply your aptitudes. This will be part-time or full-time work, an internship or temporary position, or even a volunteer involvement. The foremost critical thing is that you’re demonstrating merely can really apply your CompTIA A+ expertise set which you’re doing something that can include to your CV.

Assess whether you need non-technical skills

Your specialized abilities are imperative, but soft abilities are what can make or break your victory in a position. In case you’re as of now working in a cyber security position and have fair passed the CompTIA A+, it’s worth taking a minute to evaluate in case you ought to move gears for a while to pick up a few non-technical encounters of a few sort. Would it advantage your career right presently on the off chance that you learned venture administration or client benefit aptitudes?

Would you be more likely to induce a raise in the event that you took a lesson on overseeing others? Are you required to talk before others? Each position is distinctive, but it is critical in specialized areas like cyber security to not get laser-focused as it were on accomplishing specialized aptitudes. Grant a little thought to what other aptitudes may assist you at this point in your career.

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Determine your further certification

What can I do with A+ Certification?

For most individuals, another certification is attending to be something networking-based. You’ll move on to the CompTIA Security+, or CompTIA Network+, which CompTIA considers another step after the CompTIA A+ certification. Otherwise, you can attempt a comparable certification, such as Cisco’s CCNA. A few individuals move gears toward computer programs and start work on Microsoft’s MCP, ordinarily related to Windows or Windows Server.

Another alternative, if you’re as of now solid in organizing, would be to skip the Network+ and go pursue the CompTIA Security+. That’s more often than not considered a more alluring certification, and in case you’re considering that you’re aiming to be headed within the network security course, you will need to consider that one as well.

Now you know what is the leading option for you to post A+ certification. Consider carefully your employment situation and your longer-term arrangement to best decide how to use your A+ to move upward in your career. Even though you are energized and ready to progress to other certifications, however, remember that you need to balance your life. Financial conditions and professional qualifications will be the two main factors you need to consider when deciding whether to take other exams.

The above article has answered the question “what can I do with A+ certification”. We hope that the 7 steps given can help you exactly determine your to-do list after earning the CompTIA A+ certification.