hesi a2 math practice test

FREE HESI A2 Math Practice Test 2024

Math is considered the hardest subject on the HESI test. Let's learn how to pass it with our Free HESI A2 Math Practice Test!

Updated at March 13, 2023

Even if you have strong background of mathematical basics, HESI math is not at all simple. Our HESI A2 Math Practice Test, however, can assist you with thorough examples and explanations. 

What’s on the HESI A2 Math Test?

There are 55 questions on the exam. Five of these questions will only be on the exam as part of research and development for future versions of the HESI, and your responses will not count toward your score. However, there will be no way of knowing which questions are which, so try to answer them all correctly. You are not permitted to bring a calculator into the testing room, but you will be given one to use if necessary.

The following subjects will be covered on the HESI Math exam:

  • Working with whole numbers 
  • Fractions Percentages 
  • Decimals 
  • Ratios and proportions
  • General math skills 

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HESI A2 Math Practice Test:

hesi a2 math practice test

The following are some questions on our HESI math practice exam. Check them out!

Q1. The doctor advises the patient to drink less coffee. Normally, the patient drinks five 8-ounce cups of coffee each day. How many ounces of coffee can the patient take each day if the doctor tells him to cut back by 30%?

  1. 24
  2. 28
  3. 32
  4. 44

Q2. Jason works from 09:00 to 16:30 from Monday through Friday every week. How many hours does Jason work in a whole week?

  1. 32.5
  2. 37.5
  3. 42.5
  4. 50

Q3. Jalisa buys 4 scrubs for $24.80. How much will it cost Jalisa to buy 7 scrubs?

  1. 38.80
  2. 48.40
  3. 42.80
  4. 43.40

Q4. What is the reciprocal of 6?

  1. 1/12 
  2. ½ 

Q5. A vitamin’s expiration date has passed. It was supposed to contain 500 mg of Calcium, but it has lost 325 mg of Calcium. How many mg of Calcium is left?

  1. 135 mg
  2. 175 mg
  3. 185 mg
  4. 200 mg

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How can I practice for the HESI A2 math?

hesi a2 math practice test

If you’re unsure how to prepare for the HESI A2 math test, follow the steps below to ensure that your efforts generate the desired results.

  1. Take a practice HESI A2 math test. A quick review of the kind of questions you’ll face on the test will help you identify which ideas you already know and which you still need to study. You can make the most of your preparation time once you’ve decided which talents to focus on.
  2. Understand the fundamentals of mathematics. Without pausing to think, you should be able to recognize and retain the math behind each question. Building a strong math foundation takes a lot of practice as well as the right kind of training. When performing HESI A2 practice test problems that require operations, for example, do it without using a calculator to improve your skills.
  3. Make a notebook for your studies. Write out the solution procedure carefully on paper for each question, and save all of your work in a folder or binder in chronological order. To ensure that you’re structuring your work appropriately, use the problem-solving techniques outlined in your HESI A2 math practice course. The physical activity of writing is an excellent learning technique since it makes it much easier to spot any errors you may have committed. You’ll also have a guide to refer to from time to time to help you remember what you’ve learned.
  4. Memorize math equations. You should review your formulas as part of your HESI A2 math exercise. While you’re working, jot down any formulas you’ll need and say them out loud. When you’re taking the test, knowing the formulas will help you save time. Whether or not you’re given a formula chart to utilize on an exam, knowing how to memorize formulas can help you focus on the task at hand. To put it another way, if you have to look at a chart every time you require a formula, your mental process will be disrupted, perhaps affecting your ability to accurately answer the issue.

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