CompTIA A+ vs Network+: Which Certification Is Better in 2024?

Should I take the CompTIA A+ before Network+? What is the difference between CompTIA A+ vs Network+ certifications? Let’s get started right now!

Updated at April 2, 2024

Should CompTIA A+ be taken before Network+? What distinguishes the CompTIA A+ vs Network+ certifications? While many people decide to obtain both, it takes time and money to attend a training course and pass the certification examinations. Your career goals and level of experience will help you decide which path to take. To assist you in understanding how to proceed, this short piece goes into more detail about the two credentials, the exam procedure, and how they compare.

Table of contents:

1. CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ Focus and Scope

2. Target Audience

3. CompTIA A+ vs Network+ Exams

5. Level of Difficulty

6. CompTIA A+ vs. Network+ Costs

7. CompTIA A+ vs Network+ Benefits

CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ Focus and Scope

For those interested in a career in networking, the CompTIA Network+ test objectives go in-depth on topics like network design, protocols, cabling, security, and more. The CompTIA® Network+ certification teaches you the fundamentals of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting network technology. It’s an important first step toward advancing your career in network administration.

CompTIA A+ is a starting point that covers the fundamentals of computing and is ideal for persons who are completely new to digital technology. It is widely regarded as the industry standard for people pursuing a career in information technology. CompTIA A+ certified experts are proven problem solvers who can support the basic technologies required for company IT operations, such as security, cloud computing, data management, and more.

Target Audience

A+ Certification is ideal for anyone seeking a career in IT assistance, including help desk technicians, field technicians, and specialists. It gives a solid basis for comprehending and diagnosing numerous hardware and software issues that arise in a typical IT environment.

Network+ is designed for people interested in working in network administration or network service. It is useful for network technicians, administrators, system engineers, and network analysts who wish to show off their knowledge of managing and maintaining computer networks.

CompTIA A+ vs Network+ Exams

The examinations for CompTIA A+ and Network+ differ as well. CompTIA A+ comprises 2 independent exams: 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2), each consisting of 90 questions and a time limit of 90 minutes. You must pass both tests with a minimum score of 675/900 for Core 1 and 700/900 for Core 2. CompTIA Network+ includes one test, N10-007, which has 90 questions and lasts 90 minutes. You must pass the exam with a score of no less than 720 out of 900.

Level of Difficulty

A+ is an IT entry-level certification that is typically thought to be more approachable to IT newbies. The information is vast, yet it only covers key topics that may be understood with proper study and hands-on application.

Network+ is more sophisticated than A+ and necessitates a better understanding of networking fundamentals. It requires some background understanding of basic IT principles and is usually pursued after receiving the A+ certificate or having some experience in IT assistance.

CompTIA A+ vs. Network+ Costs

Another distinction between CompTIA A+ and Net+ is the fee. CompTIA A+ charges $232 per exam, so it’s necessary to pay $464 in total to become certified. CompTIA Network+ is $338 for each exam, so you’ll need to invest $338 in total to become certified. However, these costs are subject to change and may differ according to your region and currency. You may also minimize money by purchasing exam vouchers or packages from CompTIA or its authorized partners.

CompTIA A+ vs Network+ Benefits

The final distinction between CompTIA A+ and Network+ is their benefits. Both credentials can help you progress your career, earn higher pay, and obtain respect in the IT business. However, CompTIA A+ focuses on the fundamentals of IT assistance, whereas CompTIA Network+ specializes in the network area. As a result, CompTIA A+ may help you be eligible for a broader range of entry-level IT employment, whereas CompTIA Network+ allows you to pursue more particular and advanced network-related tasks. Furthermore, both credentials might serve as pathways to higher-level CompTIA certifications like Security+, Linux+, and Cloud+.

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Should I take the CompTIA A+ before Network+ first?

We are going to offer you a straightforward, no-fluff answer.

Preparing for the A+ certification will teach you a lot of information that you will never need in the tech profession. However, certification is required for entry-level work in the IT business. Many entry-level employment, including helpdesk or residential computer repair, need the A+ certification, therefore it is worthwhile to pursue.

We would recommend becoming more specialized after achieving the A+ certification. If you like networking, go for Net+. If you’d like something even more specialized, choose Security+. The more specialist you become, the more advanced roles you will be eligible for.

So, regarding your question, yes. If you wish to work in an entry-level position, the A+ certificate is worth getting. Keep moving forward.

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