how to become an EMT in NC

How To Become An EMT In NC? [2024 Ultimate Guide]

EMT is an impressive job with a substantial paycheck and a myriad of benefits coming with it. Follow this article carefully to know how to become an EMT in NC.

Updated at May 6, 2022

How to become an EMT in NC is a topic of interest for many people. In fact, becoming an EMT is not difficult if you are determined enough. However, there will also be difficult requirements for education and skills, requiring you to learn and prepare carefully. In this article, we will provide you with the full process for becoming an official EMT in the state of North Carolina.

Rundown of EMT Certification in NC

Imminent EMT candidates, who want to urge EMT certification in NC, must pass an exam organized by the NREMT (which stands for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians). However, before attending this process, they have to pass an EMT preparation program from a state-approved college or organized. EMT certification in NC is substantial for just 2 years.

In terms of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exam, it is required for the candidate to successfully pass the composed exam, which may be a test comprising from 70 to 120 questions and the candidate has to answer all of them in just 2 hours. This is often a flexible, troublesome computerized exam. The examination also incorporates several important points, such as EMS operations, airway administration, wellbeing crises, oxygen treatment, cardiology, ventilation,  and common injury. Within the NC EMT state exam practice test, a candidate’s capability to handle traumatic circumstances, such as joint dislocations, breaks, dying, etc., is also tried.

The EMT candidate will moreover be tried on therapeutic crises such as diabetic crises, strokes, cardiac capture, etc. In the event that a candidate can not pass the exam, he/she has the right to re-test for another examination after half of a year (often 15 days). 6 endeavors can be made by the EMT candidate to successfully pass the mentioned exams.

Or in the event that you don’t renew your EMT certificate before the close date, your certificate will be considered automatic inert. You should remember that after the termination of the EMT certificate, if you don’t recertify it within 180 days, your EMT certificate will get null and void, and you may get to experience the complete certification cycle, one more time.

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Educational standards

how to become an EMT in NC

Associated educational programs of North Carolina are endorsed by the Office of EMS. Fundamental scholastic necessities are set at the different state levels. It is required for an EMT understudy to either successfully own a high school recognition/GED or illustrate perusing comprehension abilities at the 10th review level on an appraisal. It is possible for the processes and strategies to shift marginally from program to program depending on different aspects and time.

The most up-to-date associated classes are recorded on the official EMS News website of North Carolina that can be accessed easily by everyone. An understudy can, by and large, anticipate his or her fundamental program to be at least 169 hours. A few NC programs can require the students to spend up to 200 or even more hours. The timeline is variable depending on the requirements. Courses regularly take a full semester. A serious EMT course may, in any case, be completed in several weeks.

Certified EMTs have the alternative of seeking a moment program at the middle of the road or progressed level. This can be a less common assignment. Planned Progressed EMTs have to hold the national certification and or NC state licensure at the EMT level. Scholarly prerequisites are somewhat higher than that. From this level, an individual is anticipated to have perusing comprehension and English dialect abilities at the post-secondary level. Math abilities have to be from at least the level of high school.

Math abilities may be illustrated in different ways, among them are completion of college polynomial math, arrangement into Tangle 70, or satisfactory execution on the pertinent parcel of the COMPASS test or even the Resource test. Understudies may be conceded before meeting all prerequisites. Programs are anticipated to acknowledge understudies whose scholastic abilities are underneath the anticipated level as it were in case they have remediation plans.

Several types of intermediate or progressed educational programs incorporate critical sums of clinical and field preparation. The OEMS has prescribed at least about 48 hours of clinical preparation and 48 hours within the field; clinical preparation will regularly incorporate at least about 24 hours in a crisis office. The OEMS has distinguished a number of aptitudes that must be carried out accurately, a few abilities must be performed from 10 to 20 times. There are a few exemptions conceivable. In a few cases, the past encounter should be carefully considered.

Similar to other states within the United States, North Carolina is transitioning to modern national benchmarks. As of early 2016, the regulatory code references a prior set of permit categories and guidelines. Be that as it may, the list of endorsed courses uncovers that programs have transitioned. There are starting courses instructed to the unused guidelines. There are moreover move courses for EMTs who have gotten the prior preparation. Progressed courses may be recorded as AEMT/ Middle or may note that AEMT preparing is planning for North Carolina EMT-Intermediate authorizing.

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Requirements of the EMT Certificate In North Carolina

Concurring to state regulatory code, it is required for the imminent Emergency Medical Technicians to pass a scope of hone execution assessment and a state or national composed North Carolina state EMT exam.

The state of North Carolina employs a scenario-based scope of execution assessment. Efficient unfavorably susceptible responses are among the circumstances that an EMT ought to be arranged to reply to. The execution assessment may be taken as a portion of the course or perhaps an isolated step. An affirmed program should be able to supply data to understudies around testing methods. Below are the prerequisites that the EMT candidates have to satisfy:

  • EMT candidates have to at the age from 18 years old
  • EMT candidates have to successfully complete a state-approved EMT preparing program. 
  • EMT candidates have to possess a substantial CPR certificate (which stands for the certificate of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). 
  • EMT candidates have to qualify for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exam.
  • It is required for the EMT candidates to yield lawful proof that demonstrates their nationality as a US citizen.
  • EMT candidates ought to be free from any mental or substantial ailment. 
  • English familiarity could be a must for each EMT candidate. 
  • EMT candidates must compulsorily pass a criminal foundation screening. 

Besides, there are a few particular prerequisites that are moreover required to be fulfilled, such as the accommodation of application and appropriate expenses, and completion of a state-recognized down-to-earth exam.

The assessment is substantial for just one year. A candidate who lets more than a year go by before the official application will have to be re-evaluated. The NC EMT state exam can be officially managed by the NREMT (which stands for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians). It is managed at Pearson VUE centers around the state. A candidate must be endorsed to require the NC EMT state exam. All course components must be effectively completed before the ATT may be issued. A candidate at the AEMT level will go through the examination prepared for a moment’s time.

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Process of EMT Certification

how to become an EMT in NC

Step 1: Get EMT Training

It is obligatory for all the EMT candidates to effectively total EMT preparation before the process of applying for an EMT certification. The candidate can contact the EMS division or any community college that gives official preparing programs.

Step 2: Submit Application for National Certification

For the purpose of getting national certification, an EMT candidate should show up for the NREMT exam (which stands for the examination of National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician). Once the candidate has accomplished the North Carolina permit, the accommodation of NREMT certification for recertification isn’t vital. North Carolina makes utilize the National Registry for the reason of examination. 

After the process of getting the North Carolina permit, it is obligatory for the license for the purpose of completing the Continuing Education (which can be called CE for short) preparation. In case the EMT candidates are broadly registered, they can’t be abstained from satisfying the Continuing Education necessities in arranging to resume the North Carolina permit.

  • It is suggested for the EMT candidates to begin by making an account on the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians’ official website. Tap on “Create New Account” to start your process.
  • Afterward, it is required for the EMT candidates to make their new application by clicking on “Create Initial Entry Application”. At this moment, the pertinent expense must be paid by the candidate after they successfully complete the online application. In spite of the fact that the application charge can moreover be paid a short time later.
  • After the process of completing the online application is successfully done, EMT candidates must keep a check on its advance by routinely searching for an “Authorization to Test” (or the ATT for short) Letter. This may be completed by logging into the site through the watchword and username, hence clicking on the choice of “Check Initial Entry Application Status”.
  • The EMT candidates’ details have been submitted by the site in case “Submitted” shows up close to “Course Completion Verification”, and therefore, it demonstrates that the endorsement of the course completion by the instruction program executive is being anticipated.
  • Though, in the event that “Not Submitted” shows up close to “Application Payment”, it clearly implies that the candidate must pay the application expense before the process of continuing further. 
  • After the application installment and affirmation by the instruction program chief, the interface “Print ATT Letter” will appear. 
  • The EMT candidate is required to take a printed duplicate of his/her ATT Letter and set a timetable for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exam. The ATT Letter coordinates the candidate on planning the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians examination by utilizing the ‘Pearson VUE’ site.

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Step 3: Background Check

For the process of completing the method of certification, it is required for the EMT candidate to experience a criminal foundation check. To complete this process, the EMT candidates should contact their course facilitator. Remember that a background check is absolutely important for any candidates to complete the process, therefore, ensure to do this accurately.

Step 4: License Application

Your course educators will give the fundamental fabric for EMT Permitting in North Carolina. For more data you’ll be able to contact these places:

  • Licensure Unit (Regina Godette-Crawford, Chief)
  • Address: 1201 Umstead Drive, NC
  • Telephone: 919-855-3935

Or it is also possible for you to contact EMS Training Locations, such as: Carolinas College of Health Sciences, Gaston College, Fayetteville Technical Community College, Catawba Valley Community College, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Coastal Carolina Community College, Guilford Technical Community College, Carteret Community College, Tri-County Community College, Wake Technical Community College, etc.

Out-of-State EMTs

Out-of-state EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) can accomplish “legal recognition” in North Carolina on the premise of either out-of-state licensure or National Registry certification. Furthermore, out-of-state EMTs have to illustrate one of the below: North Carolina business, North Carolina residency, or the North Carolina program enrollment.

The beginning permit will be issued with a termination date that matches that of the qualifying credential (up to 4 years within the future). The application handle is carried out online. Out-of-state EMT candidates who have not lived in North Carolina for a full 5 years are required to have fingerprint-based national foundation checks. There’s a handling fee of exactly $38. The Office of EMS notes that the foundation check handle will expand the timeline of the authorizing preparation.

It is also required for the out-of-state EMTs to give permit confirmation or documentation of National Registry certification. The permit confirmation shape is accessible for download from the OEMS Office; the out-of-state EMT candidate will fill out the best parcel and forward it to the pertinent authorizing organization. Right now, the OEMS acknowledges application shapes submitted by a variety of methods such as email, fax, or conventional mail. West Virginia or South Carolina  EMTs may as of now have profiles within the online framework; they are coordinated to follow the enlightening included within the application.

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FAQs – How to become an EMT in NC?

Let's get started with our free EMT practice test to pass your exam on your first attempt.

How long is EMT training in the state of North Carolina?

Beginning and completing EMT-Basic preparing in North Carolina doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out workout. The 19-day preparation has transitioned into a 21-day ‘intensive’ EMT certification course with an interesting half-breed component. It’s now possible — in 21 days — for the purpose of obtaining the correct preparation and information to require and afterward, you have to successfully pass the National Registry and the EMT exam within the state of North Carolina.

How many times can you take the EMT test?

It is required for the candidates to take their first NC EMT test in just 90 days of their evaluated date as reflected in Continuum. A maximum of 3endeavors within half of a year is permitted from their evaluated date within the course.

How much does an EMT make in North Carolina? 

The normal North Carolina EMT salary level is $35,796 (Feb 2022) however, the extent ordinarily falls between about $32,079 and about $40,411. Ranges can shift broadly depending on the location and numerous other critical variables, counting instruction, certifications, extra aptitudes, the period you’ve been through in your career as an EMT.

What is the main difference between a paramedic and an EMT?

The fundamental contrast between EMTs and paramedics lies in their level of instruction and the kind of methods they are permitted to perform. Whereas EMTs can regulate CPR, glucose, and oxygen, paramedics can perform more complex strategies such as applying pacemakers, regulating drugs, and embedding IV lines.

Can a felon work as a North Carolina EMT?

Since EMTs work with powerless individuals, state directions limit issuing a permit to candidates who have a history of criminal behavior. Having a criminal record is, as a rule, not prevention from accepting a permit unless you’ve been indicted of very serious wrongdoing.

How to become an EMT in NC is not a difficult question, however, you need to know the basic requirements to carefully prepare. We hope that the above information can do wonders for your procedure to become an EMT in the state of North Carolina. Good luck to you!