how to become an EMT in NJ

How To Become An EMT In NJ? [2024 Comprehensive Guide]

In fact, becoming an EMT is not difficult if you are determined enough. Follow this article to know how to become an EMT in NJ as well as related information.

Updated at May 9, 2022

New Jersey Emergency Medical Technicians (which can be called EMTs for short) is authorized by the Office of Emergency Medical Services on the premise of instruction, examination, and foundation screening. NJ OEMS is proud to be the primary office of its sort within the country. Like EMS workplaces around the nation, it has seen a bounty of changes over the period.

Over the years, the application and preparation process to become New Jersey Emergency Medical Technicians has experienced significant changes. So, in case you want to become an EMT in this state, it is important that you stay up to date with the latest and most accurate information. In this article, we will cover the necessary instructions on how to become an EMT in NJ.

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EMT Certification in New Jersey

how to become an EMT in NJ

Imminent EMT candidates, who want to urge EMT certification in New Jersey, must successfully pass an NJ state EMT exam organized by the NREMT (which stands for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians). However, before tending towards this procedure, it is required for all the EMT candidates to pass an EMT preparation program from a state-approved college or organization. EMT certification in New Jersey is just substantial for a short period which lasts for 2 years.

In terms of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exam, it is required for the candidate to successfully pass the composed exam, which may be a test comprising from 70 to 120 questions and the candidate has to answer all of them in just 2 hours. This is often a flexible, troublesome computerized exam. The examination also incorporates several important points, such as EMS operations, airway administration, wellbeing crises, oxygen treatment, cardiology, ventilation,  and common injury. Within the New Jersey EMT state exam practice test, an EMT candidate’s capability to handle traumatic circumstances, such as joint dislocations, breaks, dying, etc., is also tried.

Or in the event that you don’t renew your EMT certificate before the close date, your certificate will be considered automatic inert. You should remember that after the termination of the New Jersey EMT certificate, if you don’t recertify it within 180 days, your EMT certificate will get null and void, and you may get to experience the complete New Jersey EMT certification cycle, one more time.

Educational Standards

Individuals who have the passion of becoming an EMT in NJ must total a state-approved educational program. The state of New Jersey presently bases its benchmarks on the 2009 National EMS Standards which is published by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Office of New Jersey Emergency Medical Services has given a list of affirmed preparing programs, organized by province. Educators have to meet all the state measures. The New Jersey Department conducts location visits to guarantee program quality. Understudies who want to be an EMT will have at least 10 hours of involvement in a healing center crisis office or other endorsed setting.

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EMT Training in New Jersey

EMT preparing programs in the state of New Jersey can give understudies about 120 hours of classroom and clinical preparation within the US Department of Transportation’s Emergency Medical Technician-Basic preparing program. The EMT-B training program can regularly take from 2 months to half of a year to total, and after that, students for a challenging yet fulfilling career within the EMS. There are a number of prerequisites that the imminent EMT candidates must meet before the process of applying to the official EMT-Basic training program, such as the below:

  • EMT candidates have to be at the age of at least 18 years old. EMT candidates must have the capacity to set up a proof of a high school diploma or a GED.
  • EMT candidates must have a substantial driver’s license. 
  • EMT candidates must have the capacity to read at a 10th-grade level or higher. Potential EMT candidates are at times inquired about supply situations (from appraisals such as ACCUPLACER, Resource, or COMPASS, which test one’s scholastic aptitudes in English, math, and perusing).
  • EMT candidates have to own an official CPR certification and keep up with it all through the term of the training. 
  • EMT candidates have to pass a medical test and undergo a strict criminal history check.
  • EMT candidates will get to display a verification of the taking after vaccinations: Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination/Illness, and Hepatitis B Inoculation Arrangement. You may exceptionally be required to take the Tdap immunization to secure against Pertussis, Lockjaw, Diphtheria, a Flu shot (in the final 1 year), Chicken Pox (inoculated 2 shot arrangement or positive titer), a negative Chest X-ray (in the final 1 year) and finally, a negative Tuberculosis skin PPD test (in the final 1 year).

What do you need to be an EMT in NJ?

The state of New Jersey utilizes a scenario-based scope of execution assessment. The execution assessment may be taken as a portion of the course or perhaps an isolated step. An affirmed program should be able to supply data to understudies around testing methods. Below are the prerequisites that the New Jersey EMT candidates have to satisfy:

  • EMT candidates have to at the age from 18 years old
  • EMT candidates have to successfully complete a state-approved EMT preparing program. 
  • EMT candidates have to possess a substantial CPR certificate (which stands for the certificate of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). 
  • EMT candidates have to qualify for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exam.
  • It is required for the New Jersey EMT candidates to yield lawful proof that demonstrates their nationality as a US citizen.
  • EMT candidates ought to be free from any mental or substantial ailment. 
  • English familiarity could be a must for each EMT candidate. 
  • EMT candidates must compulsorily pass a criminal foundation screening. 

Besides, there are a few particular prerequisites that are moreover required to be fulfilled, such as the accommodation of application and appropriate expenses, and completion of a New Jersey state-recognized examination.

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How to become an EMT in NJ?

how to become an EMT in NJ

Step 1: Get EMT Training

It is obligatory for all the potential NJ EMT candidates to complete a strict EMT training program before the process of applying for an official EMT certification. The NJ EMT candidates can also contact the EMS department or any community college that gives official preparing programs.

Step 2: Submit the EMT Application for National Certification

For the purpose of getting national certification, a New Jersey EMT candidate should show up for the NREMT exam (which stands for the examination of National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician). Once the NJ EMT candidates have accomplished the New Jersey permit, the accommodation of NREMT certification for recertification isn’t vital. New Jersey utilizes the National Registry for the reason of ensuring the quality of the EMT examination. 

After the process of getting the New Jersey permit, it is obligatory for the license for the purpose of completing the Continuing Education (which can be called CE for short) preparation. In case the NJ EMT candidates are broadly registered, it is impossible for them to be abstained from satisfying the CE necessities in arranging to resume the New Jersey permit.

  • EMT candidates can begin by making an account on the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians’ official website. Tap on “Create New Account” to start your process.
  • Afterward, it is required for the NJ EMT candidates to make their new application by clicking on “Create Initial Entry Application”. 
  • At this moment, the pertinent expense must be paid by the candidate after they successfully complete the online application. However, the application charge can moreover be paid a short time later.
  • After the process of completing the online application is successfully done, NJ EMT candidates must keep a check on its advance by routinely searching for an “Authorization to Test” (or the ATT for short) Letter. This may be completed by logging into the site through the watchword and username, hence clicking on the choice of “Check Initial Entry Application Status”.
  • The NJ EMT candidates’ details have been submitted by the site in case “Submitted” shows up close to “Course Completion Verification”, and therefore, it demonstrates that the endorsement of the course completion by the instruction program executive is being anticipated.
  • Though, in the event that “Not Submitted” shows up close to “Application Payment”, it clearly implies that the candidate must pay the application expense before the process of continuing further. 
  • After the application installment and affirmation by the instruction program chief, the interface “Print ATT Letter” will appear. 
  • The EMT candidate is required to take a printed duplicate of his/her ATT Letter and set a timetable for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exam. The ATT Letter coordinates the candidate on planning the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians examination by utilizing the ‘Pearson VUE’ site.

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Step 3: Background Check

For the process of completing the method of certification, it is required for the New Jersey EMT candidate to experience a criminal foundation check. To complete this process, the New Jersey EMT candidates should contact their course facilitator. Remember that a background check is absolutely important for any EMT candidates to complete the process, therefore, ensure to do this accurately.

Step 4: License Application

The potential applicants have to apply for New Jersey EMT licensing by numerous methods, including accessing the official website Don’t forget to strictly follow all the directions given in the “Instructions for EMS Licensing Application” to avoid any mistakes.

You can also directly send your application to New Jersey EMS Training, including Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute, Lumberton Emergency Squad, Atlantic Cape Community College, Monmouth-Ocean Hospital Service Corporation (MONOC), Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad, Burlington County Emergency Service Training Center, Mount Laurel Emergency Medical Services, Inc., Camden County College (Blackwood Campus), Budd Lake First Aid and Rescue Squad, Inc., Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Capital Health Regional Medical Center, Lower Cape May Regional School District, Millburn-Short Hills Volunteer First Aid Squad, etc.

Out-of-State Emergency Medical Technicians

how to become an EMT in NJ

What is Out-of-State Emergency Medical Technician?

New Jersey grants correspondence to out-of-state Emergency Medical Technicians (or the EMTs for short) but forces extra prerequisites. Necessities are higher for EMTs who were certified or authorized as EMT-Basics agreeing to the 1994 Standard Educational modules. They will have to complete a refresher course and take a New Jersey certification exam.

The out-of-state Emergency Medical Technicians examination incorporates substance gathered from an assortment of sources, counting the 2007 National Scope of Hone Demonstrate, 2009 EMS Benchmarks, and 2010 Emergency Cardiac Care Guidelines which is officially published by the US Heart Affiliation. There are numerous choices. The permitting organization will permit three examination endeavors before the process of forcing several extra preparing prerequisites.

It is possible for the EMT who holds any associated permit or certification based on the current guidelines may be exempted from these necessities. In all cases, the out-of-state Emergency Medical Technicians licensee or certificate holders have to yield confirmation of their certifications or licenses.

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The Application Process of Out-of-State EMTs

The application process now can be taken via online platforms. It is possible for you to find out the detailed instruction record within the shape’s area of the OEMS official site ( Individuals will create accounts and afterward, hold up 3-5 trade days for waiting for the confirmation. Currently, out-of-state EMT candidates are inquired to call the phone number 609-633-7777 before the process of attempting to total the application.

Correspondence candidates will require online accounts; they will moreover get to mail a few supplemental shapes. One thing that must be sent is the permit confirmation shape, which can be printed in the online framework. The correspondence candidates will also make duplicates of their CPR card and of all EMT qualifications (both certification and licensure, if any).

Several types of supplemental shapes can be downloaded from the OEMS site. People who cannot discover the shapes they require are coordinated to contact the OEMS office. Correspondence application bundles are to be sent to the OEMS office in Trenton. The informational record incorporates a mailing address. Supplemental materials ought to be sent together. The candidate will hold up for affirmation of qualification before the process of enlisting for a refresher course.

How to become an EMT in NJ depends on numerous factors, therefore, it is required for you to deeply understand the basic requirements to carefully prepare. We do hope that this article has provided you with the necessary information so that you can confidently start your journey as a New Jersey Emergency Medical Technician.