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How to Schedule CompTIA Exam Online? [2024 Updated]

How to schedule CompTIA exam online and what should you remember during this process? Find the answer in this article.

Updated at October 3, 2023

Understanding the procedure for booking the CompTIA exam online will boost your confidence, regardless of whether you have taken the exam before or not. Currently, applicants can freely select the test format that best suits their skills and circumstances thanks to CompTIA’s online exam release. So, how to schedule the CompTIA exam online? Let’s get this article going now!

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5 Steps to Schedule CompTIA Exam Online

Online testing, fueled by Pearson OnVUE, could be an inaccessible examination proctoring benefit that gives a secure and simple way to total your CompTIA certification exam from any put in which a private zone is accessible to you. To schedule the CompTIA exam online, it is required for you to strictly follow these steps:

Step 1: Carefully considered all the testing procedures and policies

Before the process of taking an online CompTIA exam, all CompTIA certification candidates will be encouraged to concur with the CompTIA Candidate Agreement. Any disagreement to acknowledge the CompTIA Candidate Agreement will lead to the relinquishment of your exam expense. There are two arrangements and methods particular to online testing, counting those related to framework prerequisites, your exam workspace, and testing for candidates who are under the age of 17. If it’s not too much trouble, ensure to survey them here:

  • Pearson OnVUE Testing Policies
  • Testing Policies of CompTIA
  • Candidate Agreement of CompTIA

Step 2: Run a system test that utilizes the same network that you utilize to take your CompTIA exam

It will take you from 5 to 10 minutes to complete the CompTIA system test. You’ll be provoked to require photographs of yourself and your exam workspace. To get ready for your CompTIA exam workspace move all books and composing objects out of arm’s reach, unplug extra screens and computers, and clear your walls of any composing (for example, on whiteboards). You’ll also require an Identity card and phone (you need to set it out of arm’s reach after the process of check-in).

In expansion to assembly framework test prerequisites for least screen determination, let’s ensure to audit and affirm your show settings for scaling, earlier to checking in and propelling your exam. Scale settings ought to be set to 100% (for clients running Windows) or default (for Mac clients). In case your screen settings meet the least determination settings but scale settings are set over 100%, it is likely that the exam substance will not render legitimately on-screen, causing a less than alluring involvement amid the conveyance of your CompTIA exam. For the purpose of avoiding any delays and including stretching amid your testing arrangement, total the framework test earlier than the beginning of your CompTIA exam appointment.

Step 3: Create a CompTIA account

In case you haven’t already had one, let’s create a CompTIA account via the official website of Pearson OnVUE. Let’s ensure that you employ an active, substantial e-mail address after you make an account. Imperative data around your exam results and certification status will be sent to the address that you utilize to make your testing account.

Step 4: Schedule your online exam by signing in to your CompTIA account

In case you’re completely prepared to require your CompTIA exam, let’s start visiting CompTIA’s site to plan your testing environment and schedule your exam. Confirm that you can fulfill all computer, web association, and workspace necessities before the process of officially planning your CompTIA exam.

Step 5: Sign in and take your CompTIA exam

Return to the CompTIA official site and sign in. Select My Exams to dispatch your planned online exam. Online test delegates communicate as it were in English and the OnVUE testing program is English-based. Furthermore, CompTIA’s full suite of interpreted exams is accessible in those nations that take an interest in online testing. You should also remember that the CompTIA online testing system isn’t accessible in several types of locations such as South Korea, North Korea, China, Sudan, Iran, Cuba, Slovenia, and Syria. Location licenses are moreover prohibited.

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Keys to a Successful CompTIA Online Test

schedule CompTIA exam online

Taking the online CompTIA test is currently being applied quite a lot in the exam sessions. So how to get the most effective CompTIA online exam? Here are some tips for taking the online test to get the best results that we want to share with you.

Allocate time before starting the test

Taking an online test or any test, the first thing you need to do is pay attention to the test time and know the most reasonable time allocation. Before reading the question, take a quick look at the test with all the questions. From there, you should allocate a reasonable time for each sentence. Remember to always subtract the last 10 to 15 minutes spent on difficult questions and review the lesson. Allocating time before starting this test will help you not to miss the test and stay more focused because you know the time that needs to be spent on the test.

Must find the word “key” in the question

The keyword in each question is the key to solving the problem. Every time you finish reading the question, the first thing to do is to find out where the keyword is. That helps you determine what the question is about and what the answer will be associated with that keyword. That is considered the fastest way for you to take the online test and avoid getting off-topic or wrong answer data.

Answer the question before looking at the answer

Whether it’s the CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Security+, you should apply the method of giving your own answers before reading the answers on the test. After reading the question, you should answer it yourself and then continue reading the answer section to see if there are any options similar to the answer you gave. Do not read the answers right away because that way you are easily distracted if your knowledge is not really sure.

Use the exclusion method

Once you do not have a really correct answer, the elimination method is also an effective way to help you find the correct answer. However, you still have the basis to use your “trick” elimination option plus a little luck. Instead of looking for the right answer, try to find the wrong answer… that’s also a good way to eliminate as many options as possible. When you no longer have enough grounds to exclude, use conjecture, find which alternative is more feasible and reliable, then circle the answer sheet… that’s the last option for you.

Read all the answers before choosing

Many of you read the first answer and found it correct, then immediately circled to the next question. However, this is very dangerous because it is possible that the following answers are also correct and the sentence you need to circle is “All is true” or “All is false”. So, be extremely careful with these answers and it’s best to read all the answers before deciding to choose.

Leave the unknown for last

Answer the questions you know one at a time and then go back to the ones you don’t know. Because if you do it in order and encounter difficult questions, it will be very time-consuming but also make you more confused and worried when doing the test.

Always check your work

While doing the test, it is easy to choose the wrong answer. So always reread the lesson to avoid these unfortunate mistakes, not to mention you may discover sentences that you misread, are missing, and lead to wrong answers during the review process. Checking your work is extremely important, but most of you “forget”. That’s why you need to make it a habit to check your work when you’re done.

Do not leave questions blank

It is extremely important that you do not leave any questions blank. If you don’t know the answer, just choose the answer you think is correct. Avoiding leaving any questions blank will increase the proportion of maximizing your total score in terms of the CompTIA exam.

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Cheating in the CompTIA Online Exam

schedule CompTIA exam online

Why is CompTIA Cheating Serious?

Avoiding cheating jams the high esteem of CompTIA certifications. Since we take cheating so exceptionally genuinely, we’re keeping our IT experts on a platform. Basically, we’re saying that in the event that a person holds a CompTIA certification, they’ve demonstrated they have a particular set of aptitudes required for the work. In the event that somebody has cheated, we can’t say that. Cheaters may have passed the exam, but they don’t really have the aptitudes.

There are numerous reasons why cheating is never a regular activity. Within the easiest terms, the results of cheating are genuine. You’ll lose your certification, you’ll be able to lose your right to require future certification exams, and you may face punishments at your school or put off commerce. Within the most genuine situations, you will indeed confront a claim.

And, eventually, in case you’re taking the simple street to pass an exam, you’re doing yourself and your career damage. After arriving at work that requires an IT certification, you’re anticipated to know how to perform the related assignments. In case you cheated to get the CompTIA certification, you’d be in a tie after you require those aptitudes on the work.

How Does CompTIA Prevent Cheating?

Each and each CompTIA exam is proctored to avoid cheating. It doesn’t matter in case you take the exam individually or online through Pearson VUE – a delegate is displayed at all times. Also, anyone who takes a CompTIA certification exam must sign the CompTIA candidate’s ascension at the start of each exam. The reason for the ascension is to ensure all parties taking CompTIA exams get the arrangements and methods.

Particularly, the conducted segment of the ascension states that “you will not take an interest in any cheating occurrence, breach of security, wrongdoing or any other behavior that might be considered a compromise of the keenness or secrecy of any CompTIA certification examination or any CompTIA certification.”

CompTIA moreover requires its candidates to supply a satisfactory frame of recognizable proof earlier to registering for an exam to preserve security and verification and employ information forensics as a premise for requirement and activity. In case the legitimacy of an examination score is in question due to factual inconsistencies recognized amid the investigation, CompTIA will nullify candidate scores and inform the person of pertinent invalidations and/or suspensions.

Why You Shouldn’t Cheat in the CompTIA Online Exam?

Some of the time the simple way appears like the perfect way. But when it comes to preparing for a career in innovation, ready to tell you with 100% confirmation, that in the long run, cheating never pays off. The frightening truth is, that in the event that you’re caught cheating, you may be confronting decertification and indeed claims.

In case you’ve distorted yourself and your abilities, you’ll not only lose your work, but your organization may have grounds to require you to court – particularly in the event that your distortion contributed to a company-wide breach or another sad incident. But honestly, after you deceive, the individual you’re truly cheating is yourself. Or in case you’re feeling encouraged to deceive, inquire yourself why?

In the event that you are feeling like you’re behind, reassess your arrangement. Possibly you would like to be committing more time to your considerations. Perhaps your timeline has to be balanced. In case you are feeling like you aren’t understanding the substance, perhaps you would like to reevaluate how you’re considering it. There is an assortment of true blue preparing assets out there appropriate for all sorts of learners – maybe you fair got to alter it up.

In any case, in case you are feeling unengaged in what you’re learning you ought to take a difficult look at why you’re going after a specific IT certification. It’s conceivable that you’d appreciate a certain specialization, but you don’t! That affirms. There’s a bounty to select from within the world of innovation. It’s moreover conceivable simply thought you were suited for a career in IT, and presently that you just see what it involves, you’ve found it’s not for you. That’s affirming as well.

The bottom line is, in case you are feeling the urge to deceive if you don’t mind inquiring why you’re here in the 1st place, and reassess until you discover the root cause of needing to require the simple way out.

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FAQs – CompTIA Online Exam

schedule CompTIA exam online

What Sorts of Questions are Included in the CompTIA Security+ Exam?

The Security+ topics incorporate a combination of multiple-choice questions, drag and drop exercises, and performance-based things. The multiple-choice questions are single- and different- reactions. Performance-based things test your capacity to illuminate issues in a recreated environment. Keep in mind to oversee your time shrewdly when understanding these issues on your exam. Most of these questions will show up at the start of the CompTIA exam and you won’t be able to see a clock when working on things.

How do I handle ADA accommodations?

ADA lodging may be accessible on a case-by-case premise for online proctored exams. To inquire about lodging, candidates ought to make an ask with Pearson VUE. Time housing, in any case, can be taken care of by ceasing the exam at any time by closing your browser. This will halt the clock, and you’ll continue the exam once you are prepared as long as it is inside the time allotment distributed and the CompTIA time has not been completed.

Am I permitted to have something to write?

During your CompTIA exam session, you’re not permitted to utilize exam-specific materials or scratch paper, erasable whiteboards, or any other physical composing protest like a writer, marker, or pencil. Be that as it may, you’ll have the alternative to utilize a built-in advanced whiteboard to do scratch work or take notes.

What should I do in case I have technical issues?

Whereas you’re not permitted to inquire about your exam proctor’s content-related questions, you’re able to converse with or chat with them in the event that you’re having specialized troubles. Whereas most specialized issues can be maintained at a strategic distance by completing a framework test in the development of your exam, Pearson OnVUE staff is on hand to offer bolster in the event that is required.

Are there any specifications as to where I should take my online test?

Yes. You ought to be in a walled room with a closed-door without diversions or intemperate commotion. No one else is allowed within the room with you while you’re testing. During the check-in handle, you’ll be inquired to require photographs of your work area to demonstrate you meet these necessities. Let’s ensure that your workspace is obvious of all books, paper, pens, etc. and you don’t have any extra screens or computers stopped in. You won’t be allowed to require the CompTIA exam until the process of passing a room filter.

What should I do if I am a minor taking the CompTIA online exam?

Minors who are beneath 18 years old are allowed to display a substantial understudy ID as a frame of distinguishing proof. Besides, your gatekeeper must moreover display a substantial identity card and give verbal assent amid the check-in handle.

Do I need to confirm after completing my CompTIA online exam?

Your CompTIA exam score will appear on your screen instantly after you’ve completed your exam. If it’s not too much trouble keep in mind that your phone cannot be utilized whereas the program of Pearson OnVUE is active, so do not utilize it to require a picture of the screen at the conclusion. Your score report will moreover be accessible in your Pearson VUE account within 1 day of completing your CompTIA exam.

In the event that you’ve successfully passed the CompTIA exam, you may get a salutary email from CompTIA Certmetrics with information on how to get to your record. It’s imperative merely to keep a record of that email, counting the e-mail address merely utilized to enroll for your CompTIA exam. You’ll require this data to log in to your certification account all through the life of your CompTIA certification.

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What should I do to retake the exam?

Don’t give up if you didn’t pass your CompTIA exam! Your score report outlines your strengths and areas for improvement so you can focus on those when you consider taking the CompTIA exam again. To fill up your information gaps, you could also use the CompTIA CertMaster Hone online exam prep tool. Purchase another voucher when you’re ready to give it another go, then schedule your exam.

P.S. Several of our packages come with study plans, exam vouchers, and retake vouchers, just in case you want a second chance. Planning beforehand for your online test removes the pressure from the process and positions you for success, similar to how you study the subject before taking the CompTIA exam.

You can schedule CompTIA exam online by taking into account the points mentioned above. We sincerely hope that you will find these bits of knowledge useful as you prepare to pass the upcoming CompTIA certification exam.