comptia network+ salary

CompTIA Network+ Salary: How Much Can You Make In 2022

Having a CompTIA Network+ certification brings you numerous job opportunities with high salaries. This article will detail what the CompTIA Network+ salary is.

April 20, 2022

CompTIA Network+ can play an important role as a springboard for a career in networking and even cybersecurity.  IT support provides a wide range of opportunities for fulfilling jobs and rewarding pay – you choose the path and, ultimately, how much the CompTIA Network+ salary is.

Not everyone obtains certification for the same reasons. Your CompTIA Network+ certification, in general, can be used in the following ways:

  • Attract employers’ attention with an endorsement of your skills that is respected globally and industry-wide.
  • Position yourself in order to launch your network career.
  • Confirm to yourself that you’ve mastered the most up-to-date skills and concepts that act as the foundation of a career in IT infrastructure, including troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks.

CompTIA Network+ certification can serve as a springboard for a career in networking and even cybersecurity in all scenarios. CompTIA Network+, unlike other vendor-specific networking certifications, prepares you to support a network regardless of platform.  It forms the foundation that you need before specializing in a vendor solution and pursuing a career in cybersecurity. The CompTIA Network+ certification is the only one in the industry that covers both wired and wireless networks.

Let’s get started with our free Network+ practice test to pass the actual exam with a high score on the first attempt.

What are Network+ Common Job Titles?

comptia network+ salary

CompTIA Network+ is the industry standard for troubleshooting, configuring, and administering networks in order to start a career in IT infrastructure. CompTIA Network+ certification validates skills for use in jobs like network field technician and junior network administrator.

Some of the typical CompTIA Network+ job titles include the following:

  • Network analyst
  • Network engineer
  • Network support specialist
  • IT consultant
  • Systems administrator
  • Cyber security analyst
  • Information technology specialist
  • Information security analyst
  •  IT director
  • Information technology manager
  • Help desk technician
  • Cyber security engineer

And many companies look for CompTIA Network+ certification in hiring such as

  • Apple
  • Best Buy
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Canon
  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Intel
  • Konica Minolta
  • Motorola
  • Ricoh
  • Sharp
  • Time Warner
  • The United States Department of Defense
  • Verizon
  • Xerox

CompTIA Network+ Salary by Job Title

comptia network+ salary

It’s important to know what job titles are looking for Network+ certification holders, but the more pressing question is what their average salaries are. The average Network + certification salary for each of these job titles is listed below.

Job TitleRangeAverage
Systems Administrator$48k - $88k$64,269
Information Technology (IT) Manager$53k - $114k$79,877
Network Engineer$51k - $105k$74,101
Network Administrator$43k - $82k$60,229
Information Technology (IT) Director$64k - $146k$99,736
Cyber Security Analyst$53k - $109k$76,398
Information Technology Specialist$39k - $87k$56,466
Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist$38k - $71k$51,406
System Administrator, Computer / Network$46k - $84k$63,060
Information Security Analyst$50k - $111k$71,534
Senior Systems Administrator$64k - $110k$85,550
Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT)$49k - $103k$71,931
Support Technician, Information Technology (IT)$35k - $69k$47,047
Security Analyst$50k - $93k$67,884
Systems Engineer, IT$50k - $99k$72,919
Cyber Security Engineer$65k - $141k$99,087
Security Engineer$65k - $135k$92,659
Senior Systems Engineer$69k - $135k$97,859
Network Administrator, IT$41k - $83k$59,568
Sr. Network Engineer$80k - $136k$102,077
System Administrator, Windows Server$50k - $92k$65,642
Help Desk Technician$31k - $59k$41,925
Systems Analyst$46k - $90k$64,305
Desktop Support Technician$39k - $65k$50,011
Technical Support Specialist$39k - $74k$53,093
Information Security Officer$60k - $132k$88,278
Information Security Engineer$66k - $130k$92,568
Computer / Network Support Technician$36k - $70k$48,908
Technical Support Engineer$45k - $90k$61,057
Support Analyst, Information Technology (IT)$41k - $76k$56,332
Network Technician$35k - $70k$48,508
Information Technology (IT) Consultant$37k - $105k$58,760
Information Technology (IT) Supervisor$52k - $91k$67,587
Senior Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT)$72k - $142k$102,856
Information Security Manager$72k - $142k$108,216
Senior Network Administrator, IT$55k - $101k$79,964
Team Leader, IT$40k - $124k$71,776
Information Systems (IS) Manager$49k - $116k$78,120
Technical Support Manager$55k - $104k$75,887
Information Security Specialist$51k - $121k$75,639
Network Analyst$44k - $98k$59,260
Security Administrator, IT$52k - $92k$72,213
Penetration Tester$50k - $132k$87,201
Chief Information Officer (CIO)$74k - $192k$123,145
Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)$51k - $135k$91,964
Intelligence Analyst$51k - $123k$83,884
Information Systems (IS) Analyst$46k - $96k$71,270
Network Security Engineer$57k - $126k$82,935
Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer$54k - $136k$82,464
Senior Technical Support Analyst$47k - $88k$59,624
Senior Systems Analyst$68k - $115k$85,925
Service Desk Analyst$34k - $72k$50,434
Support Engineer, Information Technology (IT)$43k - $81k$59,808
Linux System Administrator$56k - $108k$74,686
Support Engineer$43k - $93k$57,053
Help Desk Manager$52k - $85k$69,450
Network Specialist$41k - $81k$57,932
Technical Support Analyst$39k - $72k$54,728
Help Desk Specialist$30k - $61k$47,561
Technology Director$49k - $127k$94,333
Field Service Engineer$51k - $105k$72,915
Information Technology (IT) Coordinator$40k - $73k$55,751
Help Desk Manager, IT$49k - $99k$68,467
Senior Technical Support Engineer$55k - $93k$72,894
Desktop Support Engineer$41k - $83k$57,049
Desktop Support Specialist$35k - $76k$53,775
Computer Technician$33k - $73k$45,359
Network Manager$51k - $130k$80,480
System Administrator, Server$51k - $94k$71,491
Desktop Support Analyst$37k - $67k$51,852
Information Technology (IT) Operations Manager$71k - $128k$98,338
Service Desk Manager$55k - $92k$71,476
Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology)$50k - $136k$81,497
Network Operations Center (NOC) Engineer$45k - $79k$60,692
Network Operations Center (NOC) Technician$35k - $67k$49,998
Help Desk Analyst$35k - $64k$52,063
Network Security Analyst$39k - $92k$73,757
Security Engineer, Information Systems$67k - $142k$91,334
Security Architect, IT$91k - $146k$126,792
Software Engineer$61k - $105k$75,167
Help Desk Supervisor$40k - $81k$61,027
Network Engineer, IT$38k - $108k$67,961
Vice President (VP), Information Technology (IT)$90k - $185k$134,056
Network / System Administrator, General Office$47k - $98k$67,261
Computer Technical Support Specialist$39k - $72k$45,344
Desktop Engineer$47k - $83k$63,465
Application Support Specialist$41k - $80k$57,541
Solutions Engineer$42k - $105k$76,986
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)$63k - $198k$122,261
Systems Manager, IT$52k - $139k$72,404
Software Developer$41k - $90k$65,735
Technical Training Instructor$44k - $94k$68,897
Application Support Analyst$57k - $95k$69,442
Senior Information Technology (IT) Manager$67k - $126k$101,961
Technical Services Manager$53k - $101k$81,854
Systems Engineer$53k - $101k$76,969
Computer Scientist$59k - $121k$76,829
Director of Information Technology Services$71k - $154k$103,974
Business Analyst, IT$50k - $105k$61,025
Field Service Technician$35k - $78k$50,759
Director, Computing/Networking/Information Technology (IT) Security$96k - $181k$142,500
Technical Account Manager$55k - $124k$82,377
Help Desk Analyst (Computer)$39k - $81k$51,575
Sales Engineer$62k - $129k$79,500
Field Engineer$44k - $90k$60,057
Technology Coordinator$49k - $84k$61,898
Information Assurance Analyst$50k - $103k$73,000
Junior Network Administrator$39k - $54k$47,041
Database Administrator (DBA)$44k - $104k$71,750
Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer$49k - $103k$75,073
Help Desk Administrator$32k - $65k$47,875
Technical Analyst$42k - $90k$58,983
Senior Field Engineer$55k - $127k$81,472
Computer Systems Analyst$40k - $99k$61,176
Technical Support Supervisor$44k - $84k$62,000
Systems Engineer, Infrastructure$53k - $105k$81,766
Data Center Technician$49k - $104k$56,235
Desktop Support Manager$56k - $97k$66,566
Programmer Analyst$38k - $112k$67,43
Systems Architect$72k - $153k$106,488
Solutions Architect$66k - $137k$80,852
Technical Trainer$52k - $98k$76,883
Network Technician, IT$37k - $78k$56,050
Telecommunications Network Engineer$46k - $117k$76,701
Linux Systems Administrator$51k - $124k$77,698
Director of Information Systems$62k - $146k$92,548
Telecommunications Manager$68k - $148k$81,389
Network Support Engineer$51k - $100k$74,273
Network Administrator, LAN / WAN$48k - $138k$74,219
Infrastructure Analyst$49k - $97k$65,000
Help Desk Team Leader$38k - $83k$51,869
Telecommunications Technician$22k - $75k$61,398
Technology Manager$28k - $119k$92,146
Principal Systems Engineer$72k - $149k$115,238
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)$30k - $94k$70,986
Information Technology (IT) Assistant$32k - $108k$40,595
Computer Support Specialist$42k - $68k$50,980
Information Technology (IT) Instructor$42k - $76k$60,460
Information Technology (IT) Lead$49k - $122k$82,424
Network Operations Manager$45k - $127k$93,355
Product Support Specialist$45k - $77k$54,000
PC Maintenance Technician$45k - $55k$49,480
Telecommunications Engineer$69k - $103k$75,125
Systems Integrator (Computer / Networking)$31k - $79k$72,589
Security Administrator, Computer Network$47k - $77k$68,295
Web Developer$45k - $70k$55,000
Application Developer$53k - $80k$69,931
Customer Support Engineer$39k - $69k$49,000
Computer Specialist$46k - $67k$63,712
Technical Specialist$53k - $84k$71,500
Technical Operations Manager$71k - $108k$86,701
Escalation Engineer$54k - $115k$78,471
Information Technology (IT) Architect$83k - $134k$108,500
Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET)$36k - $59k$53,565

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How to Boost Your CompTIA Network Salary

comptia network+ salary

The Network+ certification salary you can expect from a particular IT job can vary wildly from the median pay due to a variety of factors that may benefit your role in a certain position. Here are some tips for increasing your pay:

Prior Experience

Employers may appreciate you more if you really can reduce your training time and have expertise that goes beyond your job description. Similarly, prior related job experience establishes trust and builds expectations on the side of an employer, which can help you earn more money.

Additional Training and Certifications

If CompTIA Network+ is not your first certification and you can show that you’ve completed further training, you can expand the scope of your certifications and qualify for jobs that you would not have qualified for otherwise, as well as become a candidate for a higher-paying career. Take a look at CompTIA’s stackable certifications to find out how you can use them to build your IT career path.


The first step in your career is to become certified. Staying certified is even more crucial, as it can demonstrate to employers that you’re dedicated to your job and that you’re in sync with a rapidly-evolving industry.

Regional Differences

The pay for a job in one area may be very different from what is offered in another area. For example, a systems administrator working in New York City will earn around 15% on average, or $14,650 more than the exact same position in Denver.

Industry Variations

Keep in mind that different industries may have different expectations for certain job titles and, as a result, offer different Net plus salaries.

Don’t underestimate your personal impact on the salary that you can expect from your job. In addition to the salary increases mentioned above, there are a few more key factors that can give you the best shot at landing that first job and making a case for the salary you are looking for, such as


Connecting with IT experts and developing your professional network is incredibly critical to starting and advancing your career. Be active on social networks like LinkedIn, participate in newsgroups and forums, and join local IT groups.

Be Up to Date

Make sure you’re up to date on new technologies. Spend time on IT-related websites, subscribe to newsletters, and even contribute to blogs.

Soft Skills

Your communication skills might have a great impact on your ability to land a job. And having an overall positive attitude, solving problems, managing your time effectively, coping with pressure, showing self-confidence, and having a strong work ethic all demonstrate that you’re an employee worth investing in.

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CompTIA Network+ is a certification that can be used as a stepping stone to a respectable entry-level networking job or to help you reach the next networking position in your career. After earning the Network+ certification, the CompTIA Network+ salary on average you can expect is $72,430, which is almost $30,000 more than the average salary of a network professional with a year of professional experience. If you work in the network side of things and also need to get a certification to help verify the knowledge and skills you have acquired, consider the average salary while determining whether or not to pursue this certification.